Do you know about trail etiquette?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Operation Impact - Midnorth Monitor - Ontario, CA

"However, 243 people have lost their lives in motor vehicle collisions so far this year on OPP patrolled roadways, in comparison to 236 in 2009.

As the popularity of all-terrain vehicle riding in Ontario continues to grow and although it's an exciting recreational activity for many, it is not without risk. During hunting season, the use of off-road vehicles in Ontario increases at this time of year. Therefore; officers will also be patrolling local area trails to ensure that riders complying with the legislation. As of October 3, 2010, 12 people have died in off-road related crashes this year in OPP patrolled jurisdictions as opposed to 20 in 2009."

Please be careful out there - expect and respect other users - Ontario Trails Council