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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Canadian Taxpayer Federation Takes Shots at National Heritage

"According to a media report Monday, the bicentennial celebrations will include re-enactments of the war's famous battles, repairs to monuments and plaques, a national essay-writing competition, a documentary, a new visitor centre at Fort York in Toronto, and a new website dedicated to the war between the U.S. and Canada that resulted in the White House and Capital Building being burned during a British raid on Washington in 1814.

A government source denounced the $100 million figure reported Monday, saying the government was planning to spend "significantly less."

Officials at the department of heritage declined interview requests from QMI Agency, but a spokesman for Heritage Minister James Moore said the government would be announcing details of the bicentennial "in due course."

It's all done on a shoe sting anyway out of minor tourism and local budgets anyway so the CTF can reduce the rhetoric a bit.

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