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Friday, March 11, 2011

Changes at our Borders and Structuring New Relationships

World Juniors, Boxing day Sales and Christmas family visits traffic did not slow you at the Border! Since 2007 border traffic delays do not reduce traffic. In fact the borders are open, the traffic is flowing - Nexxus in the best way to get through the border.

I'm at the Binational Tourism Alliance in Niagara Falls. The negative trends of Sars, West Nile and the change in security are behind us. Canadians and Americans have transitioned away from not travelling because of border delay or security concerns.

The main message - you have to give people a reason to travel and your price point has to be competative. So you have to have quality tourism products, and a marketing strategy. Lack of knowledge about products ensures people won't find you. The border itself and its processes are not a deterrent to travel. Preenter Jason Burgess Deloitte Travel

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