Thursday, March 17, 2011

Evalyn Parry Goes Through the SPIN Cycle

Despite such innocent beginnings, it's hard to imagine another object that is currently as divisive as a bicycle. A bike helmet under one's arm is regarded as much of a political statement as a check on a ballot. It makes someone "eco-friendly" or "self-entitled," "health-conscious" or "shark bait," "progressive" or "a left-wing pinko," all depending, of course, on whether or not one actually regularly rides a bike. But in SPIN, Parry, a lifelong biker and unabashed pedal-pusher, broadens the breadth of roles a bicycle can play, in both a historical and personal sense, to a scope we never thought possible: to her, a bike is an agent of physical and social mobilization, a metaphor for shopping and commercialization, a confidante, a trusty steed, a memory bank. The Bicycle is a costar in her life, and a costar in the show, too.
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