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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ontario Trails News - April 6, 2011 - Morning Round Up

Join us at Trailhead Ontario
 Walking around Toronto - a set on Flickr
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Join us at Trailhead Ontario

Communications/Executive Assistant, f/t, Friends of the Greenbelt ...
Ontario's Greenbelt is a broad band of protected land encompassing some of the country's most fertile farmland, important natural heritage and water ... 

It's a little different from last year. Ice out April 3? I don't think so.
As type this in the office at Oxtongue Lake, I can hear the buzzing of snowmobiles drag racing up and down the lake. Last April 3, you might have heard the putt-putting of a cottager out cruising in their tin boat, or maybe the swish of a paddle. I'm not complaining about the sledders, if I was a snowmobiler I'd probably be doing the same thing. I am a skier, and what did I do yesterday? I went....  

Stewardship Forum 2011
When: Tuesday June 7th, 2011 (9 - 3 pm)
Where: Black Creek Pioneer Village, Toronto, Ontario
What: Plenary speaker, workshops, panel discussion, poster networking session and update on Stewardship Network of Ontario activities
Who: Stewardship professionals from landowner associations, NGOs and agencies. YOU!
Cost: FREE admission, FREE parking for forum participants, FREE continental breakfast, refreshment breaks and lunch

ORCKA Seminar - April 16 - Canoe and Kayak Tripping Then and Now!  The 2011 ORCKA Seminar - Canoe and Kayaking Tripping Then and Now! - at Seneca College, Kings Campus is fast approaching and spaces are filling up! The list of speakers and hands on workshops are amazing and are sure to appeal to any ORCKA instructor or paddler. Ontario Canoe and Kayak Trails 

Walking Tips and Important Information  Wear a good pair of walking shoes. Running shoes and cross trainers are great. Make sure that they are relatively new or are in good condition. Your old Stan Smith Tennis shoes from the 1970’s just won’t do. Remember that the only thing from protecting your heel and foot from the impact of the ground are your shoes. Toronto Trails  HikeOntario Toronto Hiking