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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blazing a trail across Brant
Brantford Expositor
Because rural schools in Ontario were phased out in the early 1960's, a final reunion was held at the school on Aug. 18, 1961. The property was put up for sale and, in 1962, William Schaeffer purchased it. The school building was torn down and replaced ...

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Photo Ontario Parks

Astronomy in the Park Ontario Parks at Parks Blog -

A year after the opening of the Killarney Provincial Park Observatory the park astronomy program is doing very well. In addition to the outstanding Natural Heritage Education programs the observatory has hosted a number of visiting astronomers who have shared their enthusiasm and knowledge of the night skies with the public. With the recent addition [...]

A cheap skate on the Rideau Canal
This is the most spectacular Christmas season event in Eastern Ontario. ... It's the best place in the world for an outdoor skate. ...

Ottawa cyclists meet to discuss safety
Cyclists from around the Ottawa region gathered for a brainstorming session Saturday at Ottawa City Hall, hoping to put together a list of safety recommendations to submit to the Ontario Coroner's office. The coroner is looking into Ontario cycling ...

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After quitting tobacco, the possibilities are endless
Toronto Star
By most measures, tobacco farming — this part of Ontario's claim to fame and ... zip-lining, hiking and kayaking tours, and an amphitheatre built from old ...

Still lots to discover in Toronto
Toronto Sun
London, Ont. travel writer Wayne Newton leans backward 356 metres above downtown Toronto while on Edge Walk, the CN Tower's newest attraction. (Photo courtesy CN Tower) Aida Koduzi scoops best-selling Saskatchewan wild rice at Rube's Rice Shop in the ...

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Silent Lake, Ontario, Canada
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Nature London continues to engage city
London Free Press
Search on "Ontario Nature Network Regions" for a full listing of the 140 groups. Other local active groups include the Thames Valley Trail Association that ...

Protetecting the Ribbon of Life
From the mainland, the County reaches out into Lake Ontario like a giant amoeba ... boats have replaced schooners and birch bark canoes, and kayak paddlers, ...
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