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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ontario Trails News - Develop, Manage, Use and Preserve Ontario's Trails

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Cullen: Have your say in city's parks plan
Toronto Star
Ensuring the city's parks and trails are available and accessible to all residents. • North York: Nov. 16, Mitchell Field Community Centre, 89 Church Ave. • Toronto East York: Nov. 24, Wellesley Community Centre, 495 Sherbourne St. • Etobicoke York: ...
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Massive cranes hoist new pedestrian bridge across the Grand
Exchange Morning Post
Construction activity will be suspended over the winter to minimize any ... construction of the bridge deck surface on which trail users will walk and cycle ...

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City of Toronto: Walking
Transportation Services is responsible for a wide variety of activities including: Road and sidewalk maintenance, Street cleaning, Snow clearing and road salting ...

PROTECTING - Conservation Ontario
Conservation Ontario, and private consultant, Tom Muir. The ensuing report, Cost Benefit Analysis of Source Water Protection Beneficial. Management Practices: ...

A bike ride into tragedy
Toronto Star
When I asked the Ontario Ministry of Transportation how bike lanes, in law, are described, they admitted they aren't. I received three large manuals on “bikeways” that advise municipalities to pass bylaws to protect cyclists and cycling infrastructure. ...
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International Forest Film Festival
Come celebrate the International Year of Forests!
Films feature forest stories from across North America! Films provided by Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

When: Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 Where: Town Hall, Innis College, University of Toronto, 2 Sussex Ave. Time: 6:30 - 9:30pm (Films begin at 7:00pm)

Information and registration for the Back to Nature Network Provincial Workshop is up online! 
To register, simply go to, click the “Network Workshop” tab, and follow the link next to Registration.  (Please note: To register, fill in your “Registrant Name”, click  the box next to “Back to Nature Network Provincial Network” at the bottom, and select “Next” beside “Registrant Name”.  Please also ignore box at the bottom of page 2 that begins with “Liability”).
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