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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ontario Trails - Paddle, Hike, Bike or Ride Ontario's Trails

Ontario has one of the best road safety records in North America and has introduced some of the toughest impaired driving laws in Canada. Despite these achievements, alcohol still contributes to approximately one quarter of all fatal collisions on Ontario roads.  

Even if your blood alcohol concentration is less than 0.05, you can still be impaired. Small amounts of alcohol, some prescription medications and illegal drugs can impair judgement and put you and others at risk. To ring in 2012 safely, stay overnight, ride with a designated driver, take public transit or call a cab.

Be it resolved: Resolutions for the city of Toronto and its people
National Post
Toronto should have better infrastructure to support those of us wanting to lead an active lifestyle. This means more running/walking paths, trails and way more bike lanes. Ideally, all paths in parks would be well-lit so that they are safe and ...
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Happy New Yurt!
Wired News
The Ontario Parks website gives a good description of what to expect from the ... of our usual canoe camping trips or back-country hiking experiences. ...

Four Wheel Driving | Ontario Trails Council
There are many Ontario trails open to 4WD recreation, especially in the more remote areas of the province. The scope of this hobby is far-reaching and can ...

New Year prepared
There will also be dog-sled rides for an additional fee. ... as best we can to make it more accessible to residents and visitors to Northwestern Ontario...

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