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Sunday, July 7, 2013

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ONTARIO TRAIL NEWS – UPDATES FROM AROUND ONTARIO'S TRAILS! Posted on July ...**New** Ontario Parks Association Training Courses. In an attempt ...


Excitement on Welland's waterway
Welland Tribune
Though many people have never heard of canoe polo before, those who witness it often become entranced, said Travis Dube. The Ontario representative for Canoe Polo Canada said it's not unusual for those who stumble across the sport to inquire further ...
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Brand New mountain Bike, Full Suspension - City of Toronto Bikes ...
am selling my brand new mountain bike; it has 24" tires 18 speeds power grip shifters power derailleurs resin/steel v-brakes suspension fork alloy rims.

Interested in Mountain Bike trails in Toronto? Why not follow the TORBA facebook group? Lot's of great updates, activity, trail builds etc.


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Have Some City with your Country

A visit to Peterborough & the Kawarthas is filled with a volume and variety of experiences that ring true, and that won't break the bank either. 
Our rich mix of heritage city, cottage country and flourishing farmlands - is a unique blend of what Ontario has to offer. Come see for yourself. 
The people are cordial and down-to-earth. The beauty is breathtaking and the activities are endless. It's a place that will have you saying, 

"This is Living!"

Can't get enough of Peterborough & the Kawarthas? Experience life in one of Canada's most creative communities. Only in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada will you find a place where nature, culture, food and technology exist in such harmony. We invite you to come and be inspired by our unique blend of urban cottage country living. Get to know us!
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