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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Cycling/Trail Maps

Spring 2014 will see new editions of the popular Ontario Recreational Trail Map Series in print and on line, and the opportunity for businesses and organizations to appear on these maps at a very low cost.

You will receive an additional discount totalling 10% if you act before January 17. Your choices are:
  • Basic listing - $95 - includes your location on print and on line versions, with on line link to your website
  • Listing plus on line ad - $195 - includes ad on on line version
  • Card size ad - $495
  • Half panel ad (double card size) - $895
  • Full panel ad (4 times card size) - $1695
  • Back cover (full panel size) - $2995
  • Back flap (full panel size) - $2495
All of the ad options include your location on print and on line versions, with on line link to your website. Ads appear on print and on line versions. Try our mobile profile! Only a small additional charge. Tap anywhere on the map on your smartphone and receive news, pictures... even watch videos of the trails!

This is a special introductory offer and is available for 6 months. Book as soon as possible - the print run will be in early March and all mapping will be updated for a second run and booking opportunity in August. Our map series is endorsed by the Ontario Trails Council, Ontario By Bike (formerly Welcome Cyclists Network) and the Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicle Clubs. 
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