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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ontario Trails Council - please renew and support the Ontario Trails Council - Thanks

A Message from Mr. Jack De Wit OTC  President

Dear Members - Let me say this has been a great year for retaining and acquiring new members to the OTC.

Thanks to the new groups, such as Short Hills Cycling Club, North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority and Marathon. There are too many new members to list them all here, so I'd just like to say thanks to all of you. New partners like you revitalize our organization; and as a board member and trail volunteer it's great to see OTC supporting new trail groups!

We also rely on renewing members, like Park to Park Trail Association, Essex Region CA, London, Toronto and Niagara. Thanks to you all of you as well. Through your support the OTC has nearly 200 members!!

However I am writing to ask you to make a timely dues renewal, many existing members are in arrears. While payment of membership dues is not the best lead story, we are working to balance our budget and your renewal will do this!

Through your support we are able to have an office, apply for grants, etc. The OTC travels to many communities, places like Georgian Bay, Niagara, Toronto, Prince Edward County, Ottawa, etc. to assist communities with trail development.

"Having OTC in town to assist with guidance as to the elements of master planning, risk management, trails training and getting planners and users together made a real difference to the major trails in our area." Tracey - Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Some of you have renewed your commitment to OTC via e-mail or by phone. Some of you have re-affirmed your intention to renew on more than one occasion. However, we are at year end and we need your membership dollars to meet our commitments.

At this late date I would ask you to e-mail Patrick if your cheque has been mailed, use paypal or call the office and they'll take a credit card number over the phone. We are trying to complete as many renewal deposits by March 31 as possible.

We do appreciate your support and I hope you'll join in keeping OTC involved as the important trails community organization it has become.

Sincerely, Jack De Wit, President.

JOIN - PRICING - By credit card or mail (all include 13% HST)

Yearly RatesBaseHSTTotal
Small <200 td="" trail="" users="">$103.00$13.39$116.39
Medium 200:5000 users$257.50$33.47$290.97
Large >5000 users$772.50$100.42$872.92

Jobs in Trail Environs
The Resource Planner is responsible to communicate Provincial and Conservation Authority policies and to coordinate responses stating the Authority's position regarding environmental resources through: municipal planning matters including the Planning Act applications under the Conservation Authorities Act through the Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alterations to Shorelines and Watercourses Regulation (Ontario Regulation 150/06) projects under the Environmental Assessment Act and applications under other legislation. This position reports to the Supervisor of Planning.

More information - -

Job Opening. Forestry.
Northumberland County is advertising for a new, full-time position: Forest Trails Coordinator. If you are interested in maintaining the County Forest's recreational trail infrastructure and working with the summer trail crew, then check out the attached ad.

Legal Input Sought
Is there a law in Ontario you think needs to be changed? The Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) reviews existing provincial laws to see whether they can be improved or repealed or whether circumstances require new laws. We also review government policy and practices.

The LCO welcomes law reform proposals from individuals and organizations, including academics, jurists, lawyers, community and advocacy groups, labour organizations, businesses and members of the public. We are accepting proposals until March 21, 2014. This is the second and final call for proposals for projects to begin later this year and to take us into what we hope will be our third mandate beginning in January 2017.
Please be aware that the LCO does not provide funding for others to undertake projects, but undertakes Board-approved projects in-house.
For more information about making a proposal, and to find out how the LCO selects projects, see our website. See the range of projects we have completed and are undertaking now. You can learn about our funders and supporters and more about the LCO at
Contact us at

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