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Sunday, March 2, 2014

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The Globe and Mail
Urban walking is a legal high, so why are cities cruel to pedestrians?
walked up one of Toronto's great boulevards to hear Jennifer Keesmaat, the city's progressive chief planner, talk about the benefits of walking.
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CTV News
Crash marks season's 13th snowmobile-related death in Ontario
Vickie Kernohan was killed Sunday afternoon when her machine veered off a groomed Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs trail south of Listowel ...
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Severe Winter Puts Ontario's Deer Herds at Risk
White-tailed deer in parts of Ontario are experiencing one of the worst ... Mild winters have limited the need for emergency winter deer conservation in ...
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Move Over Cyclists, Toronto Votes to Allow e-Scooters Bike Lane Access
Toronto, Ontario – Bicyclists will have some tough competition in the myriad of bike lanes throughout parts of this metropolis of 2.8 million inhabitants ...
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Conservation authority disposes of 'dispose' in heading 0
Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority directors are moving forward with .... agencies in dedicated toconserving, restoring and managing Ontario's ...
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