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Sunday, May 11, 2014

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Ontario Trails fully involved in Trail Projects

From the North Shore of Lake Superior to the rolling hills of Haliburton to the St. Lawrence Seaway, through the nation's biggest cities over 430 communities in Ontario have trails that are Yours to Explore.

This article is going to tell you about a few of the projects that we have underway in several parts of Ontario. When communities turned to the OTC they ask us to help them manage, develop, properly use, and conserve their trails.

Kinghorn Rail TrailNorthern Ontario

This trail project is occurring on the North Shore of Lake Superior. When completed this rail to trail conversion will link communities between Nipigon and Thunder Bay Ontario. 

With majestic bridges covering canyon like spans, to waterfront views of the expansive waters of Lake Superior this trail will, eventually provide 111 km hiking and cycling and multi-use activity in the region.

Ontario Trails has supported this project for over three years, maintains its assistance by working on leases, connecting communities, finding funding for trail related projects, all with the view that this trail will provide a significant outdoor experience for local people and travelers alike.

As in many places in Ontario decommissioned railways provide a gentle slope and straight-line with a sturdy trail bed that can accommodate many uses as well as many explorations along their paths.

While on the North Shore visit the railway towns of Schrieber, explore amethyst digs, discover the 
nightlife of Thunder Bay, and immerse yourself in the ancestral heritage of places like red rock and Shuniah.

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