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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ontario Trail News - Niagara Trails a success

Ontario Trails Hero: Tracy-Lynn Bell

Sorry Quad Niagara - trail heroes are locally nominated so I will just publish part of your letter as it is the reason we are naming Tracy Lynn Bell an Ontario Trails Hero.

Reading your newsletter and coming across the section of Trail Hero's is why we are writing to you. On our board of directors is someone who was nothing but a fire ball in a room full of mostly men. Her dreams and hopes of having a legal ATV trail in the Niagara Region was well known and very clear.

She became President of the club shortly after it opened and she still remains the President till this day. Her dreams just become bigger every time you spoke with her, her vision was incredible. She would take on the world of trails if she had to. 

With being in the Niagara Region ATV riding was a no go. She fought endless hours, years for this to happen. Years of trying to get the club out in the public eye so that people knew that atv'ing was not a bad sport and that a lot of families did it together.

Six years down the road as a volunteer she spent more time working on trail proposals and attending meeting then she did at her own job half the time. 

Last year there was an issue down here with the East side trail and I am sure you know all about it for at one meeting we recall her coming in and saying OK Quad Niagara we need to become part of Niagara Trails, a mutli user group.

She become vice president of OFATV, along with sitting on many different board pertaining to trails holding a high position, she is the President of Niagara Trails and Vice-Chair of the Circle Route. Her name is now all over the region and they are finally listening to her.
After all this hard work she has managed to get the Port Colborne side of the East side trail. She is a mother of two young girls which have been a part of this club since the beginning, she owns her OWN BUSINESS and works part time at another local business.

She followed a dream that she had seen with the support of the club. But in all honesty we as a club do not feel she is recognized for all the hard work she has put into this trail system.

Getting a multi-use trail here in the Niagara Region is a VERY VERY big accomplishment and this is why we felt she should be recognized for all the hard work she does. We are sure you probably could add more to this letter for we do know she speaks with you often and you know her fairly well. That's why we feel the way we do.