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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ontario Trails News - updates from Ontario Trail places, Lambton Shores, Durham and more

Ontario Trails Council Website Refresh - some hints

Due to recent upgrades to the OTC website you can now comment on the trail you are using. That message now gets sent directly to the OTC.

Use the social media function on the trail page to send us your message. When you comment we get an alert.

We hope this improves awareness and trail conditions in Ontario through better communication.

Tourism Industry in Consultation!

A 5 yr Review of the Sorbara Report

The Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (“TIAO) is pleased to announce a province-wide consultation process that will result in a status update on the tourism competitiveness study: “Discovering Ontario: A Report on the Future of Tourism.” The report, released in the spring of 2009, contained four broad strategies and twenty specific recommendations to rejuvenate the industry.
One of the twenty recommendations identified in the report was the need for a single tourism industry association....a recommendation fulfilled by TIAO, which is now recognized as the umbrella trade association in Ontario. Given this role, the Ministry asked TIAO to lead this important consultation process which has been dubbed “TIAO Listens” in order to clearly communicate the primary objective: obtaining industry feedback.
TIAO has engaged HLT Advisory to assist with the facilitation process that will seek input in a variety of ways. Fifteen consultation sessions are planned across the province starting in early May and concluding in mid June.

OFATV Wraps Up AGM 2014

Durham Economic Development and Sport Function

We Welcome Lambton-Shores to the Ontario Trails Community