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Friday, July 11, 2014

Ontario Trails News - lot's of new members - thanks for your support!

We wish to thank the South Eastern Ontario Parks and Recreation Association for renewing their membership with the OTC. We can't do our work without your financial support. For that we are grateful.

We wish to thank the St. Lawrence Parks Commission for their membership renewal with the Ontario Trails Council. It's a busy day of thanks - but we appreciate the work you do - send us your updates!

We wish to thank the City of Brockville for becoming a new member of the Ontario Trails Council. A shout out to Conal Cosgrove P.Eng for supporting the OTC through membership. We thank you for enabling us to continue our work.

We wish to thank the Welland Recreational Canal Corporation for becoming the latest new member of the Ontario Trails Council. We do a lot of work in the Niagara Region and we look forward to working with you!
We wish to thank MMM Group for their membership renewal. We appreciate their ongoing support and the relationship we have with Dave and Jay and all the team at MMM Group. Thanks