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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ontario Trails News - Trailwise

Weekly E-Bulletin of the Ontario Trails Council. The provincial trails association in Ontario. Week of August 25, 2014
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Membership Growth

Ontario Trails Council Membership is now over 220 member organizations. In 2003 we had 33. Our growth is in large part because of our services, the other because we create the ability to apply for funds to make your communities better through recreational trails. Membership Pages

The latest grant fund being used is the National Trails Coalition Funding. For information on the program use this link:
The project application process is now CLOSED (AUGUST 15, 2014).

In Ontario the OTC has been retained to assist members process their NON-Motorized and multi-use trail applications to the NTC. This facilitation includes:
  • application review
  • assisting in application completion
  • ensuring applicants are eligible to apply
  • processing at decision making committee (ORAC)
  • negotiating with other use groups in multi-use applications
  • reporting on grant to NTC Ontario, national non-motorized and NTC National Coordinator and related staff
  • ensure file is audit ready
Please contact the OTC to discuss - 613-484-1140,
Ontario Trails Council AGM

Hamilton is host to the OTC 2014 OTC AGM. We wish to thank McMaster University for acting as host.