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Friday, September 5, 2014

Ontario Trails Council News - Members and Edcuation Information

Projects Updates - National Trails Coalition (ON)

This program was announced at the end of June. In total the OTC had 93 enquiries for funding. Snowmobile had 89 projects come forward and ORV 19, for a total of 201 expressions of interest.

This led to 59 applications being received by non-motorized. 13 of these are mixed use, either non-motorized/snowmobile, snowmobile/ORV, non-motorized/ORV, or all 3.

The total value of work on these 59 projects (without single snowmobile, or single ORV) is over $21,000,000. The project costs alone are $17,600,000. The dollars raised by the communities applying is over $10,000,000 of this and the NTC contribution is of course maxed at $2.1 million.

The Ontario Review Committee has met on one occasion to reconcile receipt and acknowledgements. We are working towards September approvals and communications.

The NTC also hired a National Program Facilitator - his name is Roger Pelletier. He can be reached by email at:

In the same time frame as we are working on all this we got an acknowledgement that the Ontario Government is not going to support the OTC. 
Membership Growth - Join Today.

Ontario Trails Council Membership is now over 220 member organizations. In 2003 we had 33. In the past year we have:
  • Audited land for new trail development
  • Opened or secured trails in Niagara, Georgian Bay and other places
  • Completed the curriculum for our on-line Trails Skills Course at Algonquin College
  • Signed onto the Green Infrastructure, and renewed our commitment to the "No Child Left Behind" initiatives
  • Secured $2.1M in federal funds for trails in Ontario through 2016
  • Defended the Pan Am Games and Pan Am Path
  • Increased our membership to over 180 organizations - Members
  • Represented your trail on our Award winning website
  • Funded 6 youth trail programs
  • Secured policy developments from the province for trail management and use.
Your support helps us keep staff, service trails and other charitable obligations. Membership Pages

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