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Friday, October 10, 2014

Ontario Trails Council News - Trailwise

Snowmobile Permits Early Bird Sale on now!

$180 Seasonal Permit Returns After Generating 21% Growth Last Winter 2015 Seasonal Snowmobile Trail Permit Offers 30% Savings if Purchased on or before November 1

(Barrie, ON – October 1, 2014) – Last year, the Old Farmer’s Almanac forecast a snowy, cold winter for Ontario and it was right. Now, with the Old Farmer’s Almanac predicting another good, old-fashioned Ontario winter for this season,
snowmobilers can catch a big savings break by purchasing 2015 Seasonal Snowmobile Trail Permits in October.

After a 21% permit sales spike last winter, the not-for-profit Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) is selling Seasonal Permits again for a special pre-season fee of $180 when purchased online at on or before November 1, 2014.

“The $180-Nov. 1 option we introduced last winter represents a 30% saving off the regular Seasonal Permit fee of $260 and Ontario snowmobilers responded by purchasing many more permits, ” said OFSC President Remi Sauve. “A year over year sales increase of 21% is phenomenal in any business, and that, plus a very snowy winter has generated a considerable momentum for snowmobiling heading into 2015.”

According to recent consumer surveys undertaken by the OFSC, 93% of respondents said they were planning to buy as many or more permits for the coming season as they did last year. Noting that the $180-Nov. 1 option also attracted over 18,000 new permit buyers last winter, the OFSC is confident that with this incentive in place again, even more new participants and former riders will discover the fun of today’s snowmobiling at a very affordable cost for the coming season.

Available on or before November 1, the $180 Seasonal Permit spearheads the success of a new business model for trail operations by the OFSC that debuted last winter. Known as “A Framework For Change”, the new plan is a comprehensive approach, including more permit types with varied fees, allocating more money where it snows each winter, and promoting more efficient trail operations across the province.

“We think it’s important to keep OFSC snowmobiling as accessible as possible for Ontario families as well as for visitors from outside the province. That’s why the OFSC is very pleased with the success of A Framework For Change and a survey response from this past spring showing that 95.8% of snowmobilers believe that Ontario snowmobiling is enjoyable, very enjoyable or extremely enjoyable,” said OFSC Executive Director Paul Shaughnessy.

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs is a volunteer led not-for-profit association, which through strong leadership, provides a wide range of quality programs and services to, and on behalf of, its member organizations. Our provincial network of organized snowmobile trails connects Ontario communities providing responsible riding experiences that are safe, enjoyable and environmentally sustainable.
Projects Updates - National Trails Coalition (ON)

This program was announced at the end of June. In total the OTC had 93 enquiries for funding. Snowmobile had 89 projects come forward and ORV 19, for a total of 201 expressions of interest.

There have been several logistical issues to work out, namely find sharing on projects, file completions, and use of other funds. The NTC is working towards approvals at this time. NOTE: the NTC is waiting for all jurisdictions to report in before approving specific provinces or territories. We can therefore only go as fast as the slowest province. As they roll out you will be contacted.

The total value of work on these 59 projects (without single snowmobile, or single ORV) is over $21,000,000. The project costs alone are $17,600,000. The dollars raised by the communities applying is over $10,000,000 of this and the NTC contribution is of course maxed at $2.1 million.

The Ontario Review Committee has met on two occasions to reconcile receipt and acknowledgements. We are working towards September approvals and communications.

The NTC also hired a National Program Facilitator - his name is Roger Pelletier. He can be reached by email at:
Membership Growth - Join Today.

Ontario Trails Council Membership is now over 220 member organizations and individuals. 
  • Customer (Trail User) Services - where's the trailhead?, can I use?, do I need a permit? are there trails in Milton?, everyday we get these questions and we answer them so folks can use Milton, Kitchener, Waterloo, Ottawa, Canada Parks, Ontario Parks, Georgian Township trails and other trail systems.

Where your membership dollar goes:
  • Office - supplies and telephone and internet to host website
  • Travel - to support trail development in King Township SW Ontario, Georgian Bay, North of Superior, Niagara, Norfolk, PEC, North Hastings and FABR.
  • Administration - writing of grants, legal compliance, charitable functions
  • International and National Connections - yes we are very well connected
  • Educational Program - completion of writing of curriculum for web based learning 
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