Sales for OFSC trail passes across the region have spiked as snowmobilers across Ontario are revving up to get the season started.
Mid Ontario Snowmobile Trails manager Kevin Hagen says sales in his district are up by 39%.
“I would chalk it all up to last year’s winter,” said Hagen. “Some predictions are that we will have another winter like that this year, so as a snowmobiler I am really happy and hope that really happens.”
Thousands of snowmobilers went online to buy an early bird permit and by doing so, saved themselves $50.
Not only have permit sales increased, but snowmobile dealers have also been selling through their stock.
J & R Cycle owner John Broderick says his repair shop near Stayner is also expecting to be busy this winter.
“Everybody remembers last winter and rightly so,” he said. “As a result of that, there is a little more forethought going into it this year. People are trying to get their sleds ready before the snow actually hits, which is a good thing because it's always good to be prepared.”
Sledders have until midnight on December 1st, to buy their permits before the early bird price ends.