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Thursday, July 23, 2015

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Death of Uxbridge boy sparks push for new ATV laws

Tyler Massey Law would set minimum age limit for riders


• There were 187 ATV-related deaths in 2007, up from 142 in 2000. Of those 18 were children between the ages of one and 14.
• Between 2001 and 2011 33 per cent of ATV-related emergency room visits involved children under 16.
Source: Statistics Canada
Uxbridge Times Journal
UXBRIDGE -- An online petition is calling for new legislation that would set minimum age limits for ATV riders following the death of Uxbridge’s Tyler Massey last month.
Tyler, 9, was killed in an ATV accident on June 14. A website written in his voice urges people to sign a petition calling for new legislation called the Tyler Massey Law, which would bar children under 14 from riding full-size ATVs.    
“I was born on May 9, 2006, I am forever nine years old,” reads the introduction on the website, which goes on to say that organizers hope the new law could save the lives of other children like Tyler.