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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ontario Trails News - Cycling in Canada

Cycling in Canada: Exploring the Muskoka region of Ontario, from Bala to Torrance and back again

It might not be quite the same thing as actually taking part in the MEC Muskoka Ride, which our editor participated in today, but this video — posted to YouTube by user “TamFruit” — provides a tantalizing, even teasing sample of what makes cycling in Ontario’s Muskoka region such a beautiful, zen-like experience.
Last weekend, we showed you what it’s like to bike along the sea in Vancouver, in the shadows of Stanley Park conifers with a view of the masts of moored boats. Today, we rocket over to the other side of the country, through the community of Bala, Ont., to Torrance, and back to Bala. Riding along highway 169 and through other parts of the region, TamFruit’s video showcases the equally unique splendor of a ride through the backyard of the most populous part of the country.
And as you can see, the fact that Canada’s largest city is barely hours away doesn’t do much to diminish the pristine, almost rustic splendour of the Muskokas — especially from the saddle of a bike. Wherever you are, take a moment to bask in this two-wheeling experience of central Canada, a place with as many hidden treasures for cyclists as lakes.
Then, hop on your own steed and get out there.

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