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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ontario Trails news - Accessibility Communications Guide for Trails. Summer Fun Guide and more!

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On Our Calendar

Stakeholder Day
Are you a group with an interest in trails? Many recent announcements on the Ontario Trails Act, trail openings, Bill C-31 and other developments have led the OTC to convene a trails stakeholder day. September 4th, in Newmarket at Lake Simcoe Region CA. 12-3pm Watch this space for details.

We are planning for Thursday September 24th, 1100 -1200 am at McMaster University.

We have worked with the Ministry of Employment, Economic Development and Infrastructure "Enabling Change" Program to create awareness about accessibility and trail organization communications. Download the guide, complete our survey.

Trail HerosKnow somebody that works hard on trails? If so nominate them to be an Ontario Trails "Trail Hero!" We'd be happy to review your recommendations and acknowledge in a small way their contribution to trails in your community.


Trail Blog

Every day trails are news! Every day we blog about trails. In communities all over Ontario trails are big news, for cyclists, runners, canoe or horses, every day we capture in one spot all the trail news - local, provincial or national! Join today!

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Trail Leaders!

Join Ontario's first ever series of 13 online trail education courses in the development and management of trails. Designed for both volunteers and professionals. Course locations and seats available - Trail Management. Register today - registration is open 24/7  

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Join OTC

The Ontario Trails Council is a nonprofit charitable organization, established in 1988, that promotes the development, preservation, management and use of recreational trails. With over 130 organizational members and 25 individual supporters the OTC continues to grow! Support trails in Ontario - join the OTC.

Learn an Activity

Our website contains information on over 2,600 trails, and a description for nearly 2,000. Learn about the places where you can bike, cross country ski, climb or any of another 15 activities. We are linked to over 130 organizations and a variety of provincial groups that can help you learn an activity or become better at one you already love!

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Add Your Event

We post trail or outdoor events on trail specific facebook pages, the main OTC facebook page, and the event section of the OTC website. You can send us your event and we'll post it to these extensive networks. Each week we reach over 20,000 people, so if you want your event known, a bit better, send us the information.

Add/Edit Trails

An important part of the Refreshed OTC Web site will be a dynamic page dedicated to each trail. It is important that you give us as much information as possible - this will be the only source for creating your dedicated page on the OTC Web site. If we don't get the information from you, it won't make it onto the site. If you have any questions about the form, please contact Patrick at 613-484-1140. Thank you for taking the time to add or edit your trail on the Ontario Trails Council Web site.


Be a Friend of Trails

We invite all trail users to support the work of the Ontario Trails Council. As a registered charity we do our community work based on the support of member organizations, individuals and some government grants. We do the work, in the end for the individual families and folks that use the trails every day. Please consider supporting us as your thanks for your trails. Thank you.

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