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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ontario Trails News - Kelso Cycling and Trailhead Ontario 2016 supported by Renfrew County

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Halton Conservation Kelso Trails offer cycling event

Kelso MTB Festival on Saturday September 12th. 

The 14 km course is scenic and very enjoyable but not too tough. Our goal is to offer an event that is accessible for all mountain bikers regardless of their experience or fitness level (for more avid riders, we offer 28 km and 42 km distances). There will be no timing chips. Our motto is that “it is more important to have a good time than post a good time”.
With are over 22 km of scenic trails for off-road mountain biking at Kelso, cyclist will quickly discover a great variety of terrain that offers a little bit of everything.  The Kelso MTB Fondo will lead you over a gorgeous 14 km route  weaving through the dense forest, across the Niagara escarpment and spectacular trails that make Kelso one of Southern Ontario’s premier mountain biking destinations!
The event offers a nice combination of great trails quite close to the GTA, a complimentary BBQ, a free beer and a full scale festival expo with over 40 exhibitors. 

The website is Please feel free to register with my personal discount code MM50 to save 50%. Registration is just $27.50 after the discount. Here is a quick preview of the course 

I hope to see you in September!

Renfrew County and Ontario Highlands Tourism Organization agree to host Trailhead Ontario 2016

trailhead ontario 2016

Planning has begun for Trailhead Ontario 2106. Our hosts are Renfrew County and Ontario Highlands Tourism Organization. Both are long time Ontario Trails Council supporters, and Jason Davies from Renfrew sits on the OTC Board of Directors. The OHTO has been a long time partner with trails running such campaigns as the:

‘Tourism Starts with You’ Campaign

People on bicycles looking at a trail map
Exploring County Trails
The ‘Tourism Starts with You’ campaign is designed to bring the local community together to identify why Ontario’s Highlands is one of the premiere travel destinations in the province.
The campaign will ask the question, “what are the best things to see and do in the area”, and tourism operators, residents, former visitors, and the like will be able to submit their ideas to the OHTO’s website, and social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. This campaign will be promoted online and through local media, and a grand prize will be offered to encourage submissions.
This campaign will run into the summer, and may extend to the end of 2011 based on its popularity and success. When the campaign is completed, the OHTO will have an increased online audience, as well as heightened knowledge of what destinations are most valued by the local population. This can assist with future promotions.

A page capture from their website illustrates many of the outdoor and trail activities going on in the region

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