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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ontario Trails Council User Poster Series - add your content today!

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Trail User Meeting leads to Poster Series

At the September 24th trail user meeting a few things became very clear.

Many trail user groups have issues with, access, access, access. This means there is land, but use groups can't use it, are denied access, aren't funded to purchase it or the rules aren't clear about where and when they can use it. 

Many OTC members are the land managers these groups are trying to work with. However the land managers are equally frustrated by user behavior, lack of funding to police, risk exposure and other primary mandates that really, don't include trails.

It is clear that more Regional Trail Committees, and more Trail Master Plans are required. It is also clear that there is a strong role for the OTC to play between groups and land managers to secure and assure continued access.

In order to best explain our relationship be tween users and our organizations we have produced an "Ontario Trails and...(Use Group)" poster series. Each member group has a page on the OTC website where OTC explains what we do, and the member explains what they do, so that people can see how we work together.

In addition it is clear that the relationship between major use groups and the Ontario Trails Council is not well understood. We have circulated the poster template to member organizations in the interest of having them add their voice to a better public understanding of their work. 

As the OTC continues to grow, and we work with the major use groups as they work to secure land for their activity, and as we work with land managers to promote and manage land access, the OTC wants everyone to understand we want resolution to local issues, with the regulatory and legislative changes that makes all our jobs easier, without losing sight of regulations and safety.

Know a user or trail group you'd like to have a poster for?

Ask them if they are a current OTC Member. If they are we'd be happy to produce a poster for everybody to use. 

We are also working with Conservation Ontario, and have asked others such as Ontario Invasive Species, County Forest Managers and Ontario Parks to participate in this important public awareness campaign.

For more information contact: Patrick Connor, at 613-484-1140,

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