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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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5 underrated places to check out fall colours in Toronto

Posted by Alice Prendergast / OCTOBER 3, 2015
fall colours torontoToronto gets a lot more scenic when the temperature starts to drop, and what better way to celebrate the beginning of fall than by seeing the colours of the leaves change. While you could head to a well known green space like Glen Stewart Ravine or Rouge Park, why not go off the beaten trail? These low key places will have you taking in the beauty of autumn without the crowds.
Here are my picks for the most underrated places to check out fall colours in Toronto.
Craigleigh Gardens Park
A mere kilometre from the Brick Works is Craigleigh Park, a peaceful 3.4 hectare reserve filled with greenery. When the seasons start to change its tree canopy is one of the most beautiful in the city. If you're looking to do more than see the fall colours, the park also features an off-leash area for dogs and is in close proximity to a ravine trail (for those who like to hike).
Park Lawn Cemetary
Though a cemetery doesn't normally seem like a joyous destination, it can be come fall time.Necropolis and Mount Pleasant are both popular destinations for checking out fall fall foliage, boasting trees galore and great views. However, Park Lawn should not be overlooked. Its grounds are filled will manicured trees and bushes that look even more stunning when they start to change.
Chatsworth Ravine
This ravine, just south of Yonge and Lawrence, is the optimal place to enjoy autumn outdoors nearNorth York. It may not have the grandeur of Moore Park or Glen Stewart, but it looks mighty fine dressed up in fall colours. Plus, with it's below-the-radar status you'll find it distinctively less populated.
Guildwood Park
At Guildwood Park you'll find much more than just greenery. Among its trails and trees there are architectural gems from demolished buildings. It's a favourite for engagement photos, but even if you're not with a loved one you'll be able to snap some 'grams with the changing colours in the background.
Windfields Park
This former farm site offers 31 hectares of green space in the Bayview and Lawrence area. It boasts 15 bike trails as well as outdoor fitness equipment, making it ideal for those who want to view the fall colours while staying active (it really kills two birds with one stone).

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