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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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Peterborough, our trails are becoming unsafe for pedestrians

Peterborough This Week
To the editor:
I couldn`t agree more with L.J. Jackson [July 6] regarding the safety for pedestrians on our trail system in Peterborough. I walk the Rotary and Parkway trials every day. Recently it has become dangerous to do so because of inconsiderate and rude cyclists who have no regard for those walking or pushing strollers.
Indeed, there are a few signs posted regarding cycling etiquette on the trails, but the signs are not very visible, and moreover, are ignored by most.
Last week a cyclist almost hit a toddler .The biker was going so fast that he had to skid and turn 90 degrees to avoid hitting the little girl. He was riding at such a furious speed that no one even saw or heard him coming.
I reported this incident to the police and was told they would look into the matter. When is that going to take place? After a child or a senior has been seriously hurt by a speeding bicyclist?
On the same note of safety - what is the law regarding motorized vehicles on the trail system? The sign says none are allowed. I was also almost run over by a motorized cycle whizzing down a hill to get to the path. I stopped and told him no motorized vehicles were allowed on the trails.
He replied that his bike ran on batteries. I think we all know batteries power motors.
Finally, I would like something done about individuals who ride their wheelchairs on the wrong side of the road and cross roads everywhere except at designated traffic lights and safe crosswalks.
Do they not have to obey road rules too? It is ridiculously dangerous for a car to have to swerve to avoid these people and yet that is too often the case.
Our trail system is one of the finest in Ontario but our trails and roadways must be monitored now so that all can enjoy them safely.
L. Schuett

NOTE: - The Ontario Trail Council has asked for funds for provincial trail signage, we have our trail safe program "Trail Smart" and we developed the Trillium Trail Network Plan for trails to promote all trail safety and best practices, but it was derailed by trail organizations.