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Friday, December 16, 2016

Ontario Trails News - Prince Edward County Trails trail support, Trailhead Hastings, It Takes a Forest, and other updates about Ontario trails!

Ontario Trails Council Member - RTC and County working together!

millennium trail prince edward county

Ontario Trails is pleased to report that The Prince Edward County Council has approved 3-year funding to partner with the Millennium Trail Trails Council to complete an upgrade to the rest of the Millennium Trail, outside of the sections maintained by Rotary of Wellington.

The PEC Trail Committee has committed to trying to raise $80,000 of the $450,000 budget and the County will provide the rest. An anonymous donor has offered up to $40,000 to match our fund raising which as of today sits at $9,400 paid or pledged.

Our website for making donations is This website was voluntarily created by one of our members, Sharon Mulholland.
This supports years of community effort - as reported from 2013, "Phase two of the Millennium Trail restoration project is currently under way—extending the rehabilitation effort west from Wellington to Danforth Road.
The first step is clearing the brush back to enable the heavy equipment to get in. Then a bulldozer will regrade the now deeply rutted trail. Then a procession of trucks will bring hundreds of tonnes of limestone screening material, donated by Essroc, to be spread on the trail.

Paul Greer Excavating will rake, grade and pack the trail smooth. It is a lot of work—and much of it is donated and volunteered. Along with Greer’s, A-1 Excavating and Reg Grosse will contribute equipment and operators to the effort.
Already businesses and organizations are beginning to explore ways to make their facilities more accessible to cyclists and hikers using the trail.

One of those to embrace this opportunity is Richard Karlo.
Karlo Estates Winery’s property backs onto the Millennium Trail south of Danforth Road. Karlo has already carved out an entrance onto his property and is developing a pathway that will lead cyclists and hikers through the vineyard and up to the winery.
Karlo Estates is also a member of Cycle Ontario, an association that provides certain amenities to those travelling by bike.
“It is a really interesting way to explore the vineyard and indeed the County in a different way,” explained Karlo. “When you explore an old trail like this it gives you a different sense of the countryside, a perspective you don’t get on the roadway.”
Barry Davidson is thrilled Karlo Estates is jumping aboard this opportunity. It is part of Davidson’s vision and determination that has propelled this restoration and the creation of the Friends of the Millennium Trail.
“It provides hikers and bikers a place to pause, have lunch, use the facilities and of course enjoy a glass of wine,” said Davidson. “The golf course is also going to put up a sign offering a picnic table for lunches, access to washrooms as well as a canteen during course operating hours.”Wellington on the Lake resident Howard Norton prunes the wild grape vines on the trail next to the golf course. Norton showed up for days in any weather to lend a hand and support the project.

Others are starting to think about ways they can connect to users of the Millennium Trail— Karlo has been speaking with other wineries within close proximity to the trail. Many are taking note. Karlo imagines a wine tour one day with the trail as the thread linking the participants.
From the outset Davidson planned to develop sections as funds, resources and volunteer efforts became available, as a demonstration to others about what the trail could be. He hopes it will inspire others to join in the effort and perhaps challenge others to undertake the restoration of other sections.
Wellington Rotary has been a strong backer. Davidson knows, however, the effort needs broad public support, so he is planning a public meeting to encourage others who share his vision of what the trail might be—to join with him to develop a Prince Edward County Trails Association.
“The idea is to consider a trail system through out the County with the first priority being, finishing the Millennium Trail,” said Davidson. “I see this as a broader thing, if there are people who share my vision of it. The association would not only finish the trail but also do annual maintenance of this trail but also look at any other trail in the County.
Davidson notes that the County is blessed with many great trails at Sandbanks Provincial Park as well as the County’s various conservation areas.

Trailhead Hastings Announced

Trailhead Toronto - Nov. 24th, Session Presentations Available On-Line!
A BIG thank-you to all the people who so graciously contributed their time and expertise to make a contribution through presentation at Trailhead Toronto!
forests ontario
We are excited to announce that registration for the 2017 Forests Ontario Annual Conference is now open! The conference will take place on Friday, February 10th at the Nottawasaga Inn, Alliston. Early bird registration rates will be available until December 31, 2016 - so register early and save!

This year we will be exploring the theme of It Takes A Forest . The forests of Ontario have a great story to tell – so let’s start telling it! It takes a forest to keep us healthy, support wildlife, build our communities and fight climate change. As society makes critical decisions regarding our forests, it is now more important than ever that we all understand the importance of this resource in a changing world. Join us and over 300 landowners, forestry professionals, educators and students, at one of Ontario's largest forestry conferences. Come to learn, network, and engage in conversations around the future of Ontario's forests.

We hope you will join us! For more information about conference, and to register, visit or use the attached registration form.

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