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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ontario Trail News 20/07/17 Trailwise - Ontario Trail Stories, New Trails Opening, North Hastings Master Plan, Ontario trails Mugs and Tees, Trailhead Canada and more from Ontario's Trails

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Two sisters stop in Stittsville                         as reported in ottawacommunitynews.comTwo sisters stop in Stittsville on cross country horseback ride
Sisters Katie Keca (left) and Jewel Keca (right) cross Fernbank Road at West Ridge Drive as they make their way to Sunset Farms in Stittsville. - John Curry
Stittsville has been a hitching post on a cross-Canada horseback ride.
Sisters Katie Keca, 23, and Jewel Keca, 18, from Grimsby, ON arrived at Sunset Farms on Hazeldean Road in Stittsville on their cross-country horseback ride Thursday evening, July 13. A message written on a feed bag and placed on the barn door welcomed them to Sunset Farms where Tori Walker, substituting for farm owner Grits McMullen who was away in the United States, let the sisters place their horses in a ring, with feed and grass on hand.
The sisters also met their parents at Sunset Farms as they had travelled from Grimsby that day to meet them there. The whole family was going to spend a few days with the sisters’ uncle in Stittsville before continuing on their cross-Canada trek, heading up through West Carleton to Arnprior and Renfrew and beyond. The two sisters hope to reach at least Manitoba before taking a break for the winter and then completing the ride next year.
The pair are riding across Canada to raise money for the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, an organization that raises and trains dogs to serve as dog guides. They chose this cause to support in their ride after Jewel served as a foster parent for Kazi, a young dog which she had to socialize in preparation for becoming a dog guide. It was this time with Kazi that convinced the girls that the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides should be the cause supported by their cross-Canada ride because dog guides allow people to live with independence, something not possible without such a dog.



Canoeing is part of our Blood
The Spectator

These standardized canoes and kayaks, created from moulds and synthetic materials, are not the watercraft of their forebears.
But they are the direct, and spiritual, descendants.
A new generation of paddlers — aged 12 to 18 — is competing in canoe and kayak events at the North American Indigenous Games at the Welland International Flatwater Centre this week.
Most of the athletes consider it primarily a sport, but most are also keenly aware that paddling is much more than that. It is a cultural, often mystic, bridge between their past and present.

‘We’d like people to come and learn,’ says Indigenous Games organizer

Sacred fire will burn all week at McMaster

"The canoe connects us traditionally to our ancestors, who used to use it for hunting and fishing," says 18-year-old Kaidan McDonald, an Inuvialuit from Inuvik, Northwest Territories. "We turned it into a sport, to make it competitive, which I think is great."
McDonald, who's also a talented hockey player on the scholarship trail, won Northwest Territories' first gold medal in these games, paddling to a win in the U-19 mixed doubles 3,000 metres.


Multi-use pathways officially opened as part of Brock District Plan
Regional Chair Alan Caslin and Thorold Mayor Ted Luciani today officially opened multi-use pathways along Decew Road and Merrittville Highway, providing a new, safer path for cyclists and pedestrians and an alternative to driving.
The pathways, which total about 2 kilometres in length, extend from the corner of Sir Isaac Brock Way/Merrittville Hwy to the Decew Road/Richmond Street intersection. The City of Thorold is responsible for maintaining the pathways.
Merrittville Hwy pathway (from Sir Isaac Brock Way to Decew Road):
  • ​Constructed by Niagara Region
  • Contractor: Rankin Construction
  • Approx. 1 kilometre long and 3 metres wide
  • Project cost: $945,000, including roadway lighting and construction of curbs and a retaining wall required through the watercourse/wetland area due to environmental and property constraints.  $325,000 provided through the Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure Program (OMCIP)
Decew Road pathway (from Merrittville Hwy to Richmond St.):
​Constructed by City of Thorold
  • Contractor: Rankin Construction
  • 930 metres long and 3 metres wide
  • Project cost: $370,00 for multi-use path within an overall project cost of $1 million for corridor improvements.​


"Niagara Regional Council is committed to building healthy, safe and vibrant communities. The multi-use pathways along Merrittville Hwy and Decew Road are important new assets that enhance the quality of life for families and students by providing access to safe and accessible active transportation. Making the community more liveable and connected is a key feature of the Brock District plan. This exciting plan brings multiple stakeholders together to develop our community by building on existing assets and strengths and making the area more enjoyable for all."
Alan Caslin, Regional Chair
"On behalf of Thorold Council, I am thrilled to share in celebrating the opening of the multi-use pathways and a new safe and convenient route for cyclists and pedestrians travelling to work, school, shops or home. This project represents a significant investment in the future of our city, in our transportation network, and in the liveability of our community. These new pathways quite literally pave the way for increased connectivity within Thorold. We look forward to contributing further to help realize the vision of the Brock District Plan and its goal of creating a vibrant and exciting hub where people will live, work, study and play."
Ted Luciani, Mayor of Thorold
"Our government will continue to invest in cycling infrastructure — it’s one of the greenest forms of transportation that helps us in our fight against climate change. Building new bike pathways offers a safer connection for cyclists that goes a long way to providing a better and safer cycling experience and encourages more residents and commuters to choose biking as a viable transportation option in our province."
Steven Del Duca, Minister of Transportation
"This is great news for Niagara Region municipalities. These new pathways will help keep our cyclists safe and encourage more people to ride a bike. Cycling is good for our environment and our health."
Jim Bradley, MPP for St. Catharines
"This project was driven by the Brock University Students’ Union and it was all about student safety. Many of our students live off campus in Thorold and use the Decew Road and Merrittville Hwy corridor to walk or cycle to Brock. This will make it much safer for them to get back and forth to the University on a wide, well-lit pathway that’s good for many modes of transportation."
Brian Hutchings, Vice-President, Administration, Brock University

RFP for Non-Motorized Trail Plan for North Hastings Released.

 hastings trail masterplan

Dear Recipients,
We are pleased to attach our RFP for the development of a Non Motorized Master Trail Plan for North Hastings. Please share with your networks and contacts as required.
Having had discussions with you over the past year, we wanted you to have an opportunity to provide your response for this initiative.
The North Hastings Municipalities are collaborating on the development of a network of Non-Motorized Trails (NMTs) throughout the region as a means to better address their residents’ desire to improve opportunities for active, non-motorized outdoor recreation as a means for community health and economic development. To accomplish this vision, they are working under the authority of the NHEDC to undertake several initiatives, the most important of which is the development of the North Hastings NMTMP to guide municipal decisions concerning the long-term governance, management, sustainability and administrative practices of NMTs throughout the region. The NMTMP will provide North Hastings Municipalities with clear direction decision-making with regards to the planning, construction and management NMT infrastructure. This project is dependent on the success of obtaining a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Note SEED submission to OTF submitted February 21, 2017.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Cathy Trimble

North Hastings Economic Development Committee

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Trailhead North 2018 - Sault Ste. Marie


In Spring of 2018 trail enthusiasts and supporters are headed to Sault Ste Marie for two days of meetings and lively discussion about all types of trails.
Our hosts invite you to join us to hear stories from wood and river, hill and valley. We will be talking about the great adventures we share and how to get more folks to love the outdoors the way we do.
April 26, 27th (at least) 2018


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There are many metrics to measure in determining the economic impact of trails, and tourism in just one factor. In order to accurately represent a closer economic impact of trails we are requesting your speedy response to our Call to Action for Your Input to our Value of Trails 2017 survey.

With your help we will make an even stronger case for trails and the supports you require to provide a top notch experience at each of your trail destinations. We are also accepting new responses! Many Thanks!

Trailhead Canada - Program Outline Update and Live Registration!

Eventbrite - Trailhead Canada 2017

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Eventbrite - Trailhead Canada 2017

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Eventbrite - Trailhead Canada 2017

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