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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Ontario Trail News 14/09/17 Trailwise - Trailhead Canada, Ontario Trail Activities, North Hastings Update and more!

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Ontario Trails Council continues to Add Events!

OTC Improves Content and Trail Information
As part of our Trails Tourism Integration Improvements New Content and Representations on way to a wide range of stakeholders and the trails travelers. New categories, characteristics, tourism services and heart or health friendly reinforces many trail benefits - know before you go!

Watch for these changes coming soon! Main page representations capture additional content, leading to linear trail content, as well as significant branding and other recognition for Ontario trails and the many people that promote, manage and take care of them.

On-line Algonquin College Programs

Ontario Trails offers professional certification and courses are starting in the Fall as part of the Ontario Trails Education Program.

Two programs are starting again in the Fall

Trail Management

Course: OAD3002
This course is listed under the following fields of study:
The management of trails is complex and requires experts with business acumen to ensure the development and viability of a trail system as a community and tourism asset. Students learn essentials of business planning, budgeting, marketing and promotion of trails. Mitigating risk and engaging volunteers are also explored. Students come away with the strategies and skills necessary to manage projects in the trail industry.
FALL 2017
Online Learning
800Sep 12 - Dec 19Online$650.00Register Online

Trail Steward

Course: OAD3000
This course is listed under the following fields of study:
Personal and group safety on trails is important and, to ensure safety, the trail industry adheres to trail standards and maintenance practices guided by provincial legislation. Students examine the basic requirements of being an effective member of a trail management crew through conducting trail assessments, completing trail inventory, following trail standards and learning the basics of trail maintenance.
FALL 2017
Online Learning
800Sep 12 - Dec 19Online$160.00Register Online

Ontario Trails simplifies your Membership Connection!
Over the years the Ontario Trails Council has worked to provide services that give you value and results for your membership support. We are constantly working to improve services and your ability to easily provide feedback on our efforts.

In March the OTC Board endorsed moving to a more automated system of membership management, deciding to use the platform Memberplanet. More information on this can be found at Memberplanet.

The OTC is working to implement this system.  The ways to Memberplanet should make membership management easier include:

1) Account information accuracy
2) On-line membership renewal
3) Contact status updates
4) Group news

The membership planet platform provides all of these, including invoicing and receipt generation functions. So if you have an A/P department to report too, this should make your paper trail readily available to you!

When you start the process you'll be directed to this window. We are working on updating existing members to the database. So if you are an existing member, just bookmark this information for reference. We'll send you reminders about renewing at renewal time, in late November each year.

You'll be asked to complete profile questions and you'll end up with a distinct member profile, like the one below.

You'll be asked to complete the purchase by selecting your membership level.

You'll be asked to provide any additional information -

At this point checkout by Paypal.
If you prefer the old way, the forms and the sending of information is still available at any of the following pages:


Trailhead Canada Program Updates and More!
The Planning Committee is pleased to announce a growing and stronger program for trails through Trailhead Canada! we wish to thank the Canadian Trails Federation for their financial support of the event.


1) In advance of Trailhead Canada on 22, 23 of November we now have A Meet and Greet with over 60 already confirmed MP's and their staff in Ottawa on November 21, 2017. More confirmations are coming in.

2) And that the COHV and the CCSO have committed $4000.00 each towards this event portion of Trailhead Canada!

3) Be sure to nominate somebody you know for a CTF-FNS Award! Canadian Trail Awards

4) Watch the website for program updates! Itinerary

5) Check out the Presenters. World Class!

Early Bird Discounts end September 15th, 2017 -

Eventbrite - Trailhead Canada 2017

Make the Trailhead Canada Logo your Profile Pic!

Making the logo your profile pic shows your support for trails!

Share the logo on your website - show your support for Canadian Trails!

Eventbrite - Trailhead Canada 2017

Ontario Trails Council secures North Hastings NM Trails Master Plan Contract.

Support Trails - Order your ball caps, mugs or OTC Shirt now! Quantities are limited.

ontario trails council books, maps, hats and tees

Ontario Trails All Year Long! 

Add an Ontario Trail Logo to your website! 

Ontario Trails WeekOntario Trail DayOntario Trail Count
Watch for it on our social media, our facebook page and in our twitter feed.

Tell us all about your trail event and join us as we celebrate Ontario's Trails!
1. Log in Your Event  - Event spreadsheet.

2. Add your event to our event calendar -  add it here.

3. Post your personalized decal on your Trail - we have one for every group on our list. (see #5 below)

elliot lake trails survey

4. Add your trail user survey to any of your trail pages - we've made one for our members and regions. Get your decal here -
We've checked the links, if something isn't working simply give us a call - 613-484-1140. We'll be adding these links to the various relevant trail pages in your regions and RTO's/DMO's over the upcoming year!

5. Send us your Trails video - we'll be posting content on-line at and we'd be happy to add to our trails tube - You may want to talk to us about OTC Membership. 613-484-1140 We'd be happy to connect with you.

News And Events 
Trailhead North 2018 - Sault Ste. Marie


In Spring of 2018 trail enthusiasts and supporters are headed to Sault Ste Marie for two days of meetings and lively discussion about all types of trails.
Our hosts invite you to join us to hear stories from wood and river, hill and valley. We will be talking about the great adventures we share and how to get more folks to love the outdoors the way we do.
April 26, 27th (at least) 2018


We need your input!In 2015 we secured 101 respondents to our "The Value of Trails - Measuring the Economic Impact of Trails Survey."  We've added 18 more to the 2017 updates. We have a ways to go. Click through the screen capture below to access the survey.

value of trail survey 2017

There are many metrics to measure in determining the economic impact of trails, and tourism in just one factor. In order to accurately represent a closer economic impact of trails we are requesting your speedy response to our Call to Action for Your Input to our Value of Trails 2017 survey.

With your help we will make an even stronger case for trails and the supports you require to provide a top notch experience at each of your trail destinations. We are also accepting new responses! Many Thanks!