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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bike lanes worth it, Wynne says - Owen Sound Sun Times - Ontario, CA

"Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne said Tuesday that paved shoulders on Hwy. 6 should improve safety for cyclists and drivers and help the area's economy by boosting tourism.Crews are resurfacing and paving shoulders one metre wide on the 66-kilometres of Hwy. 6 between Mar and Tobermory, as well as 23 km. on Manitoulin Island north of Hwy. 542. It's part of a trial project for the province's new active transportation program that will see more cyclists sharing the road with drivers.'I think it's important that when we are making policy on infrastructure that we look at the economic needs of communities, and this area is so important in terms of tourism. It's about bike and vehicle safety and it's also about economic development and tourism,' Wynne said. 'We're told that this extra metre of pavement on the side of the road is going to make a big difference for the cyclists, and to be fair, I think it makes a big difference for the other vehicles that are sharing the road with cyclists to know there is that margin on the side of the road.'"