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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Everyone wins when cycling is integrated into the community - St. Catharines Standard - Ontario, CA

"Courville travels the world on business and sees first-hand the impact of cycling. As a 41 year old, he will live, and shape, the future of North America -- one in which he believes cycling will play an increasing role.
Courville's advice to Ontario cycling advocates was: 'Ditch speaking for an embattled minority. Start speaking for everyone.'

The implication was cycling is too often viewed as a win-lose proposition by vehicle drivers and cyclists. It is anything but. Everyone wins when cycling is integrated into the physical and cultural fabric of a community: less congestion; enhanced business environment to attract young talent; tourism; public health and more."

Ontario Trails Council has been giving cyclists Courville's message since 2002. We'd like to help they've always been invited to our open forums, like Trailhead Ontario, but they never all show together for a discussion. See: and