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Friday, October 1, 2010

Spinning our wheels on bike lanes - St. Catharines Standard - Ontario, CA

"In the past year, Jacob Schwenk has paid the city twice to ride his bicycle on Welland Ave.

The first time, in late 2009, Schwenk the taxpayer paid for new bike lanes -- later removed due to complaints from local businesses -- on the busy street between Grantham Ave. and Neilson Ave.

Soon after, Schwenk the cyclist paid again: a $60fine for riding on the sidewalk.

'Yeah, I know it's illegal. It's not like I want to be on the sidewalk, deking around people,' he said. 'But this section (of Welland Ave.) is just too dangerous. I'm not going to ride a foot away from a transport truck with no separation.... I feel like $60 is kind of a hefty fine for trying to protect myself.'"