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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ontario Trails - Ski, Sled, Hike, Bike or Paddle Ontario's Trails

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The Sudbury Star
Rainbow Routes Hike Club is Saturday. The Club will be snowshoeing on Ramsey Lake as part of the Pond Hockey event. A limited number of snowshoes can be ...

Rotary Calendar Winners & Easter Seals
Rotary Clubs and Rotarians continue to work with local Easter Seals organizations as volunteers, event sponsors, and donors. Rotary Seals Ontario would not ...

Man fined $4000 for careless hunting at night
He is banned from hunting in Ontario for two years and must retake the OntarioHunter Education Course before applying for a future licence. His rifle was permanently forfeited to the Crown. The court heard that on November 2, 2011, conservation ...
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NEW Sessions at Trailhead Ontario

The Nipigon Rail To Trail - Kinghorn Line Project - this is a project sponsored and supported fully by the Ontario Trails Council. The purpose of this trail development is to provide recreational and tourism opportunities that will enhance the economic well-being and quality of life for travellers, residents, and local businesses in the communities connected by the Kinghorn Rail Trail with Kirsten Spence and Nipigon Economic Development

Path of the Paddle - The quintessential all-Canadian canoe trail is now part of the Trans Canada Trail system; and why not…canoe trails and portage routes were the very first trails in Canada. The topography of the Northwest Ontario environment made it next to impossible to build a land-based trail; cost alone would be extraordinarily high and difficult to bridge across myriad fens, rivers and creeks. The answer to this was to join land-based trails that ended in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Falcon Lake Manitoba, with a water-based canoe trail. Although the distance spanned (according to crows) is 500km. the actual canoe route will be something closer to 850km. And yes…I’ve selected a proposed route! Hap Wilson, with  Dan Andrews, Trans Canada Trail Ontario

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