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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ontario Trails News - Paddle, Bike, Hike and Ride Ontario's Trails

Vintage photos of cycling in Toronto
Toronto has a surprisingly rich cycling history. While biking culture has experienced a resurgence over the last five years or so (some might trace it back further), ...

The weather waltz with Mother Nature
Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin
... across Southern Ontario are 21 degrees Celsius plus sunny skies. ... two) that can knock your skis and snowshoes off while blowing out your shorts!

Putting his best foot forward
401 resident competed in his first snowshoe race two years ago in Sydenham, Ontario. "I had gotten into trail running and this was kind of the winter ...

Laura Secord helped defend Upper Canada in War of 1812
Many readers will be old enough to remember the Canadian Heritage Moment segment on TV that immortalized Laura (Ingersoll) Secord's role in the War of 1812, others may need reminding. Laura Secord was born just before the American Revolution on ...
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Supercross Preview: Toronto, Eh!
Cycle News
"We came in with a different approach with bike setup in Indy," said Metcalfe. "It was evident in my first lap of practice. I just felt so much more comfortable and could really attack the track and ride the bike. I was really stoked; the Yoshimura ...
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Great People - Great Trails - June 17-20, 2012
Say Yes to Trails - the new Ontario Recreational Policy and it's impact on Trails - The re-alignment of tourism destination marketing organizations and their implementation of a trail tourism economy inspired sessions on Trail Tourism - bring your Town Clerk and a Staff to our roundtable. A must session for elected officials and staff. Understand the importance of trails to your community.  They will learn about the economic, health, and social benefits of trails, how to create jobs, safer communities and have a healthier population when they SAY YES to TRAILS!

Carolinian Canada Coalition and The Lake Erie Stewardship Trail the CCC lands protect the last of the Carolinian Forest in southern Ontario, covering a huge area that is full of development the question is – how do you save land, save the forests and promote green-space development? Learn form the CCC/LEST on how their initiative is preserving forest, protecting species at risk, and accommodating new residents and tourism strategies.

Trails Education Program - Book your spot today!
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