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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trailhead Ontario June 19 2012, Day 2

DAY 2 – Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Location: Elm Hurst Inn and Country Spa and Off-site
TimePlanned ProgramPlanned Program
9:00 – 10:30amSAY YES to Trails
This plenary session will provide examples from trail leaders who have achieved trail development in the face of competing challenges. Bring your local clerk and a counsellor! This session will teach them about the value of trails and why,  SAYING YES to TRAILS works for these communities and how they can say it more at home!
Opening Remarks - Warden Don McKay, Zorra-Tavistock
Invited Speakers:
Kathryn KielstraParks, Recreation and Cemeteries Chatham-Kent
Jay Cranstone, B.Sc., MLA,  O.A.L.A, C.S.L.A., Senior Landscape Architect, MMM Group
Richard Hui, Transportation and Community Planning, York Region
Moderator: Damian Bradley, Ontario Trails Council
the new Ontario Recreational Policy and it’s impact on Trails – The re-alignment of tourism destination marketing organizations and their implementation of a trail tourism economy inspired sessions on Trail Tourism – bring your Town Clerk and a Staff to our roundtable. A must session for elected officials and staff. Understand the importance of trails to your community.  They will learn about the economic, health, and social benefits of trails, how to create jobs, safer communities and have a healthier population when they SAY YES to TRAILS!
10:40-12:00amRouge Park – Canada’s First Urban Wilderness Park
Invited Speakers:
Diana Smyth, Trail Coordinator, Rouge Park
Mike Bender, Manager of Conservation Lands, Toronto Region Conservation Authority
Louis Lavoie, Manager, External Relations, Parks Canada
Bob Barnett, Executive Director, Escarpment Biosphere Reserve
Moderator: Cathy Bingham, Director, Carolinian Canada Coalition
We heard about the challenges and opportunities of creating an urban wilderness park.We heard from Diana about on the ground developments, from Mike about the policy implications of managing a wilderness park in an urban area, from Louis about support from the national level as we discussed the unique aspects of this wilderness in an urban setting. Bob assisted by providing a review   of this park development in a provincial context.
1:00 – 3:00pmTrails Tourism – A cohesive RTO approach
Invited Speakers:
Beth Potter, Executive Director, Tourism Industry Association of Ontario
Jeff Bangs, Trillium Trails and Ontario Tourism
Laura Peddie, Explorers Edge, RTO12 Trails Tourism Report
Dan Andrews, Our Favorite Place, RTO8 Trails Tourism
Napier Simpson, RTO 4
Moderator: Cathy Bingham, Oxford County Trails Council
Working with leading trails and tourism experts the panel explored the variation in trail tourism products across Ontario. We also introduced various trail products, assessments, valuations and development from the national support, provincial Ministry support and RTO resourcing levels. All 13 RTO’s are different. Not all regions provide similar products or services. We agreed to work with partners to develop a more cohesive response to trails tourism in Ontario!
6:00 – 9:00pmTrails Training and Skill Development
with Direct Bearing @ Carriage House
An excellent first evening, providing a legal and legislative overview to trails management in Ontario.

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