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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bike, Hike, Explore and Discover Heritage on Ontario Trails

Ontario Trails mentioned in Canadian Geographic by our friends at Path of hte Paddle -
Specifically, here’s the Path of the Paddle article: .

I wish to advise, in case you have the ability to assist in publicizing it, of our very important project. 
It will restore the US position at the Lundy's Lane Battlefield so that, for the first time in 135 years, visitors can walk in the path of the US 21st Infantry as that unit took the British guns in the pivotal minutes of the battle - the climactic battle of the War of 1812.
Learn more at  by clicking on "The Current Project."
Yours truly,
Janice Wing
Project Lead
Friends of the Lundy's Lane Battlefield

Canadian government invests $146850 in Algoma 1812 commemoration
"Thanks to this investment, we will have an opportunity to appreciate our local talents and commemorate an important aspect of our collective past during the 1812 HistoryFest," said Mr. Hayes. "This is a great way for our community to celebrate its ...
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Ontario Cycling Trails
Ontario cycling trails-Halliburton Rail Trail. - YouTube
This trail was a real disappointment. The gravel surface was so ground up and soft due to the ...

Small towns offer up glimpse into Ontario history
Waterloo Record
It was at the side of the old brick building of Morgan Nina's that we saw our first example of the Southwest Ontario Quilt Trail. Painted one one side of the brick building — in red and white and about 2x2 metres — was “drunkard's path,” a ...
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Four long weekend deaths on OPP patrolled lakes and roads
A total of four people died on the roads, trails and waterways patrolled by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis is saddened by the loss of lives. “Although our officers did an excellent job of enforcement over the weekend ...
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Info about the Rouge National Park. Parks Canada are looking for public input on the creation of the new Rouge Park:
Parks Canada has an online survey:

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