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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ontario Trails - Project Support - Kinghorn Trail


To provide recreational and tourism opportunities that will enhance the economic well-being and quality of life for travelers, residents, and local businesses in the communities connected by the Kinghorn Rail Trail
The proposed Kinghorn Rail-to-Trail Project is the potential conversion of the decommissioned CN Kinghorn rail line between Nipigon, Ontario, Canada and Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada to a multi-use recreational trail. If successful, the trail would form a section of the Trans Canada Trail and help to fill a large trail gap in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. It will also contribute to the goal of connecting Trans Canada Trail as a continuous route from coast to coast to coast by 2017.

The potential Kinghorn trail project could end up being a 111km four season trail linking the communities of Nipigon, Red Rock, Dorion, Shuniah and Thunder Bay. These five communities have initiated a Trail Feasibility Study which is now underway, as well as an engineering study to assess 13 of the existing bridges located along the decommissioned rail line. This includes the Pass Lake Trestle, which is 2,800 feet long and 130 feet high.
The five noted communities have established an Ad Hoc committee and a Working Group to pursue the project and have hired MacLeod Farley & Associates to undertake a Feasibility Study in February and March 2011. The release of the feasibility study is expected in the next few months, and the date will be announced as soon as it is known. A draft Concept Paper was released on March 12th.
For more information, please contact:
David Shepherd
Trails Coordinator - Kinghorn Project
Pool 6 Marina Park, Thunder Bay, ON

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