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Sunday, October 14, 2012

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Ontario Trails News - Post Us! (Please)
Ontario Trails Council - supported three Great Lakes Guardian Grant Applications. One on behalf of The Town of Deseronto, part of the new Hastings Trail Committee development; one in support of Headwaters Community in Action Dufferin and Peel Watershed, and a third in support of the Lake Superior North Shore. Each grant supports a better understanding of trails in a watershed environment, analysis of user patterns, signage for encroachment avoidance and unique wilderness shore trail protections. Thanks to all our partners who sought our support!

Ontario Trails Council - thanks to the following organizations who expressed an interest in supporting OTC this week through membership - Renfrew County, City of Brampton, Ottawa Outdoor Club, Sir Sandford Fleming and Menesetung Bridge Association. We appreciate your interest in OTC!

Many thanks to Participaction for providing a listing on their national website about our Organization.
ontario trails participaction

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Public MeetingsPerth County - Perth County Council has endorsed the idea of leasing the rail line to extend the Kissing Bridge trail. OTC part of study and development team - Walk, hike or wheel to Brussels for the latest on active transportation and trails! On Tuesday, October 30th, join partners from across Huron and Perth Counties at the new Brussels Business and Cultural Centre (the former Brussels Public School) for Huron-Perth’s first symposium on active transportation. Learn from experts from across Ontario about:
  • designing healthy communities
  • innovative active transportation systems
  • policy development
  • community engagement
Delegates will also be able to participate in conversations about how to move ahead with local active transportation ideas and projects. “There is a lot of interest in active transportation and many groups already doing great work across Huron-Perth,” says Cathy Bieman of the Perth County Visitors Association. “This is a chance to bring everyone together to talk about how we can shape the future of active transportation and trails in our area and get more people, both residents and tourists, using it.”

Brantford - October 18th, 2012
brantford community meeting

London - October 29th - developing better linkages between parks and forestry and cyclists in the city. The second part of the meeting has to do with development of a trail committee to develop trail between London and St. Thomas.
Meeting with Carolinian Canada Coalition on November 1 to discuss trails liability and insurance.

Surveys - Trail Insurance and Liability

trail reform nowNEW Trail Insurance and Liability - Arising from our meeting with the ADM and staffs, . October 1, 2012 -

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Trail Education
Our event calendar shows weekly adjustments to our course offerings. It also provides links to course information, in PDF flyer format, registration, and location of course through a google map or other means.

Be sure to use our array of press or other flyers to circulate to your local papers or possible attendees. All available for use - call - 877-668-7245 or 519-941-8911, or 1-866-560-7783

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