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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ontario Trails - News for your Weekend Outdoors on Ontario Trails

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ATV clubs provide a place to ride
In central Ontario, logging roads and Crown land trails are the routes of choice, but a growing number of riders are opting for something a little more organized: ATV trail clubs. Joining a club can be a great way for riders to get a bit more territory ...
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New trail opens in Coniston
The Sudbury Star
“The Trans Canada Trail is widely considered to be one of the most ambitious endeavors ever undertaken by the volunteer sector in Canada,” said Al MacPherson, acting general manager of Trans Canada Trail Ontario in a letter to Rainbow Routes. “We are ...

Prince Edward County Millenium Trail
The Trail from Conley Road to Belleville Street has been graded for some time and we are waiting for the contractors who have offered to donate their trucks and rollers and drivers to choose some time in their busy fall schedule to lay down the limestone screenings. 
PEC Trails
If we get a few days of rain during the week, the contractors may not be able to do their excavating work , and it would be beneficial to harden the limestone after it were rolled.
We appreciate the offers that have been made to donate their time and equipment, so we are waiting for them to choose the right time for their schedule.

The project could benefit from a volunteer to maintain social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, the Rotary website and the Ontario Trails Council blog. If you are interested and can commit the time to maintain these sites, please contact me.
Toronto marathon: The hardships and highlights of running 42 km
Toronto Star
“This is definitely a mind-body thing; there's no real separation between the two,” says physiologist Greg Wells, an assistant professor of kinesiology at the University of Toronto, author of Superbodies: Peak Performance Secrets from the World's Best ...
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Toronto Waterfront Marathon has a story for every kilometre
Toronto Star
For Lotay, Toronto will be his 21st marathon. But because he hurt his left thigh in a collision with a curb during a July event in Mauritius, he'll alternate between running and walking Sunday. “My game plan is very simple,” he says of his injury ...
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3 new ways for Toronto women to stay safe
Globe and Mail
On Friday, at a Walk in Support of the Women of Christie Pits rally, HailO gave out a discount code that allows users to get a $10 cab ride home from anywhere in the city. “Some women just feel safest taking a taxi, and that's fair,” said Ms. Guthrie.
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Following on the trail of fall colours this Fall
CanIndia News
Home to some of the best mountain bike trails in the city, this section of the ravine system is the ultimate urban retreat, right down to the hill that overlooks the southern part of the valley and the Toronto skyline (head southeast from the Loblaws ...
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