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Friday, October 12, 2012

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Carolinian Canada Coalition
Benefit from our successful Carolinian Student Internship Program
Employers Apply Now Until October 19
Bailey Schneider at RARE
CCC is pleased to announce an opportunity for you to hire interns from The University of Waterloo Faculty of Environment for the Winter Co-op Term. This is the sixth year where CCC has made funding available in conjunction with our university partners.
Stewardship Training & Employment: Who can Get Involved?
This partnership program matches employers with Environment students to carry out habitat stewardship and research work for species and habitats in the coastal watersheds of the Carolinian Life Zone. Opportunities are provided by stewardship employers and cost-shared by university partners. Each placement provides a 4 month work term in targeted habitat stewardship and research projects. The program is open to:

  • University of Waterloo Faculty of Environment winter co-op students
  • Employers including businesses, non-government organizations and government agencies that are members of the Carolinian Canada Coalition
  • Projects in stewardship, research and planning in the coastal watersheds of the Carolinian Life Zone of southwestern Ontario.
Interested students should apply through their University co-op program.
“The first time we participated in the CSI Program was summer, 2011. The Program allowed us to access top-notch student expertise from the University of Waterloo, and enabled us to complete a comprehensive assessment of the Detroit River shoreline including an evaluation of fish species at risk enhancement opportunities. I highly recommend the program to any conservation organization because it facilitates access to one of the best University Coop programs in the Country, and is a straightforward administrative process.”
- Matthew Child, Director of Watershed Restoration, Essex Region Conservation Authority
Check for complete deadlines or send an email to check availability.

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Trail Education
Our event calendar shows weekly adjustments to our course offerings. It also provides links to course information, in PDF flyer format, registration, and location of course through a google map or other means.

Be sure to use our array of press or other flyers to circulate to your local papers or possible attendees. All available for use - call - 877-668-7245 or 519-941-8911, or 1-866-560-7783

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The Ontario Trails Council - Participaction
The Ontario Trails Council (OTC) is dedicated to trail advocacy, awareness, and active living in Ontario. Our site hosts a database of over 1,800 detailed trail ...

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Snowmobile clubs lose trails, equipment
The Chronicle Journal
“You can't buy a (trail) permit when you're on social assistance.” The association, known as District 16 within the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, has been reduced to clubs in Marathon, Geraldton and Longlac. Thunder Bay, once a NOSA member ...

Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs
North Bay-Mattawa link upgraded
The North Bay Nugget
The upgraded status is a Trans Ontario Provincial connector instead of local club trails. The new trail has been designated TOP A112A and replaces North Bay Snowmobilers Club trail NB301 and Mattawa and Area Snowmobile Club trails MA105 and MA101 ...
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OFSC give green light for tail upgrade between the Bay and Mattawa
Bay Today
The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) has recently approved the upgrading of the snowmobile trail designation which connects Mattawa to North Bay on the north side of the Mattawa River. The upgraded status is now a Trans Ontario ...
Toronto to look at e-bike status
Toronto Sun
TORONTO -. Is an e-bike a bicycle in the eyes of the City of Toronto? The public works committee gave city staff the green light Thursday to answer that question by the spring of 2013. Councillors approved a staff report on “policies and bylaws ...
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E-bikers want in bike lanes
NOW Magazine
Andy McKenna on his e-bike outside City Hall. Toronto's bike versus car debate was put on hold Thursday, as yet another player entered the fray in the fight for space on the city's roads. E-bikes were on the agenda at a meeting of the public works ...
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E-bike riders seek equality with pedal-pushing counterparts
National Post
Daniel Egan, Toronto's manager of pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, said cities have been wrestling with the issue for several years now. The National Capital Commission in Ottawa has banned from its trails the scooter style e-bike, but not the ...
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Pardes Shalom Cemetery offers free walking tour
Canadian Jewish News (blog)
... Pardes Shalom Cemetery during a free walking tour on Oct. 14. “The founder of the cemetery wanted the cemetery to be not only for the dead obviously, but for the living as well,” said Howard Mammon, executive director of Toronto Hebrew Memorial Parks.
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