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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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Taylor Creek Trail

Active Transportation symposium Oct. 30
Mitchell Advocate
Learn from experts from across Ontario about: designing healthy communities; innovative active transportation systems; policy development and community ...

Vancouver's separated bike lanes should cut cycling injuries (Blogs) (blog)
Compared to major routes like Broadway in Vancouver and Dundas Street in Toronto, with no bike lanes and with parked cars presenting dangers from opening doors, infrastructure such as residential bike lanes and bike lanes on busy streets without parked ...
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Bicycle helmet study has some shortcomings
Nanaimo Daily News
They have however led to reduced cycling, which undermines an observable "safety in numbers" benefit. That is the core of the argument opposing helmet legislation. An additional shortcoming in the Ontario study is that it is a case-control analysis.

The Second Round of the Aviva Community Fund...
Mike Ormsby12:43pm Oct 22
The Second Round of the Aviva Community Fund has begun as of 12 NOON Monday Oct. 22nd. Please vote for this Aviva Community Fund idea, Miigwech for your support….
Anishinaabe Babamadizwin: A Journey By Canoe @ Aviva Community Fund

The Ojibway or Anishinaabe people were canoe people. Taking a canoe trip certainly gets one back to ...
Studies prove helmets save lives
Brandon Sun
Dr. Lynne Warda, medical director of injury prevention under the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, said Ontario is a bigger province with a large enough database to do a proper scientific review of cyclists' deaths, something Manitoba doesn't have ...
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ATV Smart
ATV driver killed in crash near Highway 7
Ontario Provincial Police said the man was driving his ATV on Hastings Heritage Trail at about 3 pm Saturday when he drove over a pile of gravel and lost ...

Toronto Zombie Walk 2012 | NOW Magazine
Toronto Zombie Walk 2012. Check out all the gory goodness in our photo gallery of T.O.'s creepiest annual tradition. By Nic Pouliot. Tweet · submit to reddit ...


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