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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ontario Trails - Family Day Permits, Outings, New Use of Technology - Ontario Trails Counts

Ontario Trails Council - Trail Education - New In-Class Offering
Trailbuilding - March 13-14, 2013
Albion Hills Conservation Authority

Daniel Scott from
IMBA writes, "Students will come away with a firm understanding of the fundamentals of trail design for both hard surface and naturally surfaced trails of various user types. A working knowledge of the design process from the planning phase to ground proofing trail alignments will be both discussed and experienced with examples and a field exercise which will include using field measurement equipment and flagging a trail alignment for construction."


Program elements include:

IMBA will provide for a two day workshop educating on the following elements
• Sustainable Trail Design – Making sure it lasts using various techniques:
• 5 Elements of Sustainable Design - Micro trail design - the fundamentals for bench cut
• Bench cut Trail vs. Raised Tread Trail - when is each appropriate
• 13 Steps to Trail Planning - Macro trail design - how one trail fits within a larger system
• Art of Trail Design - User psychology and design theory in the natural landscape
• Trail Closure & Rehabilitation - Mitigating reroutes & closures through design & signage
• Advanced Techniques – Building in challenging locations:
• Wooden Structures - intro to various techniques and how to design for users types
• Rock Armouring - intro to various techniques and how to design for users types
• Technical Trail Features - Designing trail features specific to various user groups
• Turns - Climbing, In sloped & Switchback - which turns is appropriate for who & where?

So watch these newsletters and the trails education page on our website for updates!

To Book - e-mail


Trail Counts

Ever wondered who is using your trail and when? Looking for more than just a static count of trail activity? Tell others about what type of person is using your trail, what makes your trail a popular destination...and more!

We have your answer.

Utilizing smartphone technology trail users can now complete a short survey that:
  • Logs in the trip
  • Single counts individual users
  • Consolidates results for centralized reporting
  • Allows for separate trail counting
  • Multi-season operation
  • 24/7collection
  • Identifies quality of trail experiences
  • Provides you feedback loop
Wherever there is a smartphone signal, and YOUR trailhead you could be gathering and collecting additional information that will make for a better trail! Got great trails? Get the feedback that keeps you in the know!

Low maintenance

Using weatherproof decals our methods allow users to quickly and easily provide you with information you need to assess, improve, direct, re-direct, or provide information to the user - while on the trail. Our proprietary method has been developed by over 140 trail users and with the input of The City of Thunder Bay and Norfolk County Trail Managers.

Low cost

$50.00 per trail per year (max 3 trails) includes:
  • Decal design
  • Decal Printing - max 6 sheets, various size decals
  • More decals option (fee charged)
  • Survey Set-up
  • Survey reports
  • All system maintenance
  • Regional Comparisons
  • Seasonal variances
  • Trail differentiations
  • Use patterns


OTC Member? - Take $25.00 off each package!
  • Blue - 4-10 trails:  $300.00 plus HST and registration fees
    • Maximum 20 sheets of decals
  • Green - 10-20 trails: $500.00 plus HST and registration fees
    • Maximum 40 sheets of decals
  • Gold - 20 or more trails: Starting at $1,000 plus HST and registration fees
    • TBD
We've kept the price low - comparible pairs of static counters, that provide no demographic or qualitative information start at 750.00 a pair, per trail. AND we are maintenance free, so operating cost is never an issue! Get information on your rural trails - save on gas, training, maintenance and get better connected to your cuctomer: THE TRAIL USER!

Various decal sizes to meet your needs!

8 decals per sheet - each decal is @4.5" (W) X 1.12" (T) or 11.43cm (W) X 2.8cm (T)

4 decals per sheet - each decal is @ 6" (W) X 1.75" (T) or 15.24cm (W) X 4.44cm (T)

2 decals per sheet - each decal is @ 9" (W) X 2.25" (T) or 22.86cm (W) x 5.72cm (T)

For more information:

Call Patrick at 877-668-7245
*Shipping and handling extra
** Colour print extra

More Information

Parks Oriented Chainsaw Safety Training

The Department of Labour requires that all Parks Professionals who use chainsaws on the job be trained in their safe operation.
This two day seminar helps satisfy these requirements.
The course will cover:
  • Safety Regulations and PPE
  • Identify and inspect all chainsaw safety components
  • Manufactures inspection and adjustment of a chainsaw
  • Starting and stopping techniques
  • Safe handling of a chainsaw
  • Woodlot assessment and hazards
  • Felling techniques
  • Bucking and Limbing
  • Pole saw and cutting attachments
  • Competence test
Class E Type 2 helmet, hearing protection, gloves, eye protection, safety shoes, full leg chaps or ballistic pants, and your own industrial Chainsaw.
March 21 and 22, 2013

Harrison Park
75 2nd Avenue East
Owen Sound ,  ON   N4K 2E5

8:00 - 4:30
Lunch is NOT provided at this location – please bring a lunch both days.
Register online, payment can be made via cheque (made payable to Ontario Parks Association) or by calling the OPA office with a credit card for processing. (905-864-6182, ext. 6710) .
Trailhead Ontario 2013
trailhead ontario

Join us at Trailhead Ontario - June 9-11, 2013 as we discuss "Ontario Trails - From Recreation to Tourism."
Supported by Regional Tourism Organization 8 - Our Favorite Place.

Did you Know?
Beginning in the late 1850s a substantial canoe building industry grew up in and around Peterborough. The Peterborough Canoe Company was founded in 1893, with the factory being built on the site of the original Adam Scott mill.

Canoes continued to be a major industry in the area right up into the 1960s.  You can experience the canoes history at the Peterborough Canoe Museum, where they play host to the world’s largest collection of canoes and kayaks. Take a trip through the history of the canoe and its importance to the Canadian culture.

Our rich mix of heritage city, cottage country and flourishing farmlands – unique in Ontario – will make your visit something out of the ordinary, and in the coming weeks we will share more about what you can expect from Peterborough & the Kawarthas this June... stay tuned....

Trailhead Ontario Website

Trailhead Ontario Registration - Early Bird Ends April 1, 2013

Our Plan for 2013 – "From Recreation to Tourism" There are a lot of new trails and trail tourism partnerships in RTO8. The Ontario Trails “Trailhead Ontario 2013″ Committee is  is pleased to announce the Holiday Inn Waterfront Peterborough as the location of our conferencing. Site locations for our trail education program are being determined now.

Become a Trailhead Ontario Presenter - tell us about yourself!

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Trail Management Guides

Ontario Trails Council - Regional Trail Development Guide: developed in partnership with the Trans Canada Trail, this guide helps communities develop trail stakeholder committees. Once formed these committees help to:
  • Mitigate Trail Use Conflict
  • Seek Funds
  • Encourage Use
  • Work to reduce Trespass
Want a copy or a seminar? Contact OTC - 877-668-7245

Ontario Trails Council - Safe Trails Guide: developed with the support of the Ministry of Health Promotion, this guide includes recommended best practices on:
  • Code of Conduct
  • Permits
  • Trail Maintenance/Development
  • Qualifications to Develop Trail
  • Reporting
  • Trail Audits
  • Forms
  • Waivers/Assumption of Risk
Want a copy or a seminar? Contact OTC - 877-668-7245 

Ontario Trails Council - Event Planning Guide -perfect for the trail group planning to develop trail or hold a fund raising event to support an activity or a trail project. Content includes:
  • Event Ideas
  • Attracting Volunteers
  • Promotion
  • Critical Path to the Event (6 month step by step, from idea to event!)
Want a copy or a seminar? Contact OTC - 877-668-7245
ontario snowmobile permit
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