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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ontario Trails - News about Trailhead Ontario and more!

June 9-12, 2013 - Peterborough

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Early Bird Special on Now!

Join trail advocates, organizations, speakers, builders, use groups, volunteeers, planners and regulators as we discuss, learn and improve Ontario's Trails
New for 2013 -Regional Tourism development includes trails. Trail packages, trail experiences, trail destinations. This takes a blending of major destinations, natural topographies, parks, conservation, county forest and up to 18 different trail activities.

What’s in your “Trail Mix”? What’s our plan for marketing this unique matrix of dynamic outdoor experiences so that the world can find the world’s best range of trail fun right here at home.


Partial Program Snapshot - click image for all

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Ticket Type Price Fee
Conference and Education Package - Paypal CA$315.88* CA$9.12
Conference and Education Session Package - Pay by cheque CA$357.50* CA$9.95
Conference Registration - Paypal CA$169.63* CA$5.37
Education Session - Content TBD CA$145.26* CA$4.74
One Day Registration - Conference Only CA$85.30* CA$3.20
Early Bird - Conference and Training CA$236.30* CA$7.07
Early Bird - Conference CA$150.01* CA$4.86
Early Bird - Trails Training and Education CA$106.86* CA$3.76
Display Booth  CA$257.86* CA$7.63
Display Booth - discount CA$171.58* CA$5.42
Display Booth - Non-Profit - Provincial CA$171.58* CA$5.42
Display Booth - Provincial Non-profit - discount CA$128.20* CA$4.30
Display Booth - Local, small non-profit CA$42.15* CA$2.10
Display table - literature only CA$20.59* CA$1.54
Ordered Ticket at door - Conference CA$169.63* CA$5.37
Ordered Ticket at Door - Education CA$145.26* CA$4.74
Ordered Ticket at Door - Conference and Education CA$365.55* CA$9.95
Ordered Ticket at Door - One Day Only CA$100.00 CA$3

rotary greenway trail

So it looks like it's going to be an exciting time in Peterborough - join us - mark the date June 9-12, 2013 in your calendar NOW!
Hotel Reservations and Event Location

More information? Go to - Trailhead Ontario
Call Patrick at 1-877-668-7245 or
Vanessa Twitty at |
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