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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Support Toronto Trails Committee and Welland East Side Trails - from Ontario Trails

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Many volunteers worked hard for the last 21 years with the Seaway Commission and the Niagara Region to develop the East Side Canal Trail. This trail is a vital segment of the larger Greater Niagara Circle Route Trail. Without this link, and City of Welland Support the entire 160km loop is at risk of closure. Thorold, Port Robinson, Port Colborne, Niagara on the Lake, Niagara Falls, Stephensville, Fort Erie, St. Catharines are at risk of having over $10.6million of federal, provincial and private sector money invested in developing and maintaining this tourism and local community trail; being wasted!


Reasons for signing

  • Charles Levere ST CATHARINES, CANADA
    I walk along this trail many times throught the year
    I use this trail all the time with my two sons, age 8 and age 5. It would be a great disappointment if we didn't have the east side of the canal to enjoy the outdoors!!
  • myself, my daughter, my son, my girlfriend, and her two children all use this trail on a regular basis for trail riding, we operate properly licensed and insured off road bikes, its an amaxzing family outdoor activity for which the opportunities are sadly shrinking
    Maintaining a place where people can enjoy the city and participate in some physical activity.
  • There are very few places a family can go in the area to enjoy their offroading recreational time. It's been a wonderful way for my daughter and I to see nature, have adventures and allows her to also enjoy a common enjoyment with her father. Not many girls have that. Let us continue to legally enjoy the Eastside Trail System. Not just us but the many other families we have come across who also enjoy spending time in this way.
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