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Friday, March 28, 2014

Ontario Trails News - add your event to our event calendar!

Add Your Event

We post trail or outdoor events on trail specific facebook pages, the main OTC facebook page, and the event section of the OTC website. You can send us your event and we'll post it to these extensive networks. Each week we reach over 20,000 people, so if you want your event known, a bit better, send us the information.

Add/Edit Trails

An important part of the Refreshed OTC Web site will be a dynamic page dedicated to each trail. It is important that you give us as much information as possible - this will be the only source for creating your dedicated page on the OTC Web site. If we don't get the information from you, it won't make it onto the site. If you have any questions about the form, please contact Patrick at 613-484-1140. Thank you for taking the time to add or edit your trail on the Ontario Trails Council Web site.

Be a Friend of Trails

We invite all trail users to support the work of the Ontario Trails Council. As a registered charity we do our community work based on the support of member organziations, individuals and some government grants. We do the work, in the end for the individual families and folks that use the trails every day. Please consider supporting us as your thanks for your trails. Thank you.

Member Requests

1) Algonquin College program on-line

algonquin college

2) OTC Mobile App - for iProducts and Windows

otc mobile app

3) Post Photos to Pinterest

ontario trails on pinterest

4) OTC on Foursquare

ontario trails on foursquare

5) Safe Trails Manual

6) OTC Youtube Channel
ontario trails youtube channel

7) Ontario Trails Maps
ontario trails maps

8) Enabling Change Program

9) OTC Board 2012-13
Ontario Equestrian Federation

Dan Andrews - Secretary/Treasurer     
TrailADE Consulting
Paul Ronan
Ontario Parks Association

Frieda Baldwin
Simcoe County Trails

Wayne Daub
Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicle Clubs

Igor Hoogendoorn
International Mountain Biking Association
855-255-4094 ext.108

Tim West
Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs

irsten Spence
Northern Ontario Representative
Jeff Muzzi
Manager, Forestry Services, Renfrew County

Patrick Connor
Ex-officio - Executive Director

We currently have 2 vacancies on the OTC Board. If you are interested please e-mail Jack De Wit to discuss.

The ideas, opinions, re-posting of news, editorials and content contained in this newsletter are not necessarily the ideas or opinions of the OTC Board or staff. This news is intended for informational purposes only.

OTC Event Planning Guide
Call 877-668-7245

OTC Trail Committee Manual
Call 877-668-7245

ontario regional trail committee planner

Ontario Trails Membership

On behalf of OTC we thank you for your support. If there is a group you know that is not a member contact us and we'll send them a note on membership benefits. This past week we received a renewal from Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and Sault Ste. Marie Thank you very much for your support!

 join otc

The Ontario Trails Council is a charitable organization, incorporated in 1991, that promotes the creation, development, preservation, management and use of recreational trails in Ontario.

Surveys and Networking!
Don’t forget to join anyone of the following information tools:

Be sure to get a copy of the latest OTC E-bulletin (circulation 880+) - here

Join one of our facebook pages (>6000 friends) - here

Add or Edit your trail - here

Complete a survey - here

Twitter to or at us (12840 followers) - here

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Join Trail Counts - here

Take an On-Line Education Course - here

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