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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ontario Trail News- Membership update from Ontario Trails President Jack De Wit .

Update Message from Mr. Jack De Wit, OTC President

Dear Members - We continue to make headway with your support!

Over the past week we received renewals from The City of Mississauga, Waterford Trail and Oshawa; as well as new memberships, from the Economic Development Office in Mattawa Bonfield and the Canadian Recreational Horse and Rider Association.

Did you know that the OTC is one of a handful of Provincial charities that funds local work? Many do not. We are proud of our ability to secure and distribute funds - back to members - but in order to do our charitable work we need a phone, and other basic volunteer support structures. We need your support to do this.

We have been working on 2014 memberships since November 2013 and there are still some $8,500 in memberships still outstanding, including, some from some long term supporters. We want you to stay with us!

I appreciate that times may be difficult, but as we go forward into the next fiscal year, these outstanding membership dollars will, pay for the audit (4500), telephone (3600) and perhaps some printing costs.

By keeping the office and staff in place the OTC will be able to apply for grants, etc., engage in National Funding efforts like the National Trails Coalition and the Canadian Trails Federation. We wish to thank our partners for enabling us to do trail work at the national levels. Quite an accomplishment for a provincial trails organization.

Your financial support may not return directly to your community, but with it, by keeping the OTC viable, we are able to preserve or develop trails somewhere in Ontario.
Please e-mail Patrick if your cheque has been mailed, use paypal or call the office and they'll take a credit card number over the phone.

Again, Most Sincerely, Jack De Wit, President.

JOIN - PRICING - By credit card or mail (all include 13% HST)
Yearly Rates BaseHSTTotal
Small <200 td="" trail="" users=""> $103.00$13.39$116.39
Medium 200:5000 users $257.50$33.47$290.97
Large >5000 users $772.50$100.42$872.92
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