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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ontario Trails - Relationship between cyclists and drivers Toronto

Navigating the relationship between cyclists and drivers in Toronto

WATCH ABOVE: Cyclists and Toronto Police provide some tips on how to stay safe on the road. Marianne Dimain reports.
TORONTO – As the weather gets warmer, the battle between cyclists and drivers may become more common in the city.
According to Cycle Toronto, the most up to date statistics found that cyclists were injured by a motor vehicle every six hours in Toronto, every day of the year. Often times, the incidents could have been avoided.
When it comes to making right turns, drivers should also be aware of cyclists around them.
When it comes to drivers, Toronto Police Traffic services say cars should keep a safe distance of about a metre between their vehicle and the cyclist.
“Courtesy is a key factor here whoever got to the intersection first has the right of way,” said Const. Hugh Smith.
When it comes to blocking bike lanes, its not a matter of courtesy but also the law. However, emergency vehicles as well as Wheeltrans dropping off or picking up passengers are exempt.
Cyclists are also responsible for making sure safety is top priority and means making sure they’re not weaving in and out of traffic.
“A key component of riding is to keep riding in a straight line and avoiding hazards,” said Jared Kolb of Cycle Toronto.
The same goes for navigating around cars making right turns.
“A key piece here is not to squeeze between the right turning car and the curb but instead make a left hand signal pass over to the left of the car and proceed through the intersection,” said Kolb.
Using arm signals to indicate left turns, right turns and coming to a complete stop are also important according to Cycle Toronto.
It’s simple communication, courtesy and respect that could make for a smoother season on the roads between cyclists and drivers.