Plans for Toronto's revitalized Ontario Place will include a new waterfront trail named after the province's former premier Bill Davis.
Davis -- who was premier when Ontario Place opened in 1971 -- was joined by Premier Kathleen Wynne for a ceremony at the park on Wednesday, when plans for the new William G. Davis Trail were announced.
"This is once again going to be a place that’s accessible to all of the people of the province and the country," Wynne told reporters.
Wynne also announced that an existing parking lot will be transformed into a 7.5-acre urban greenspace. It's expected the first phase of the revitalization effort will be complete by fall 2016.
Ontario's Minister of Tourism, Michael Coteau, says he hopes future phases of the project will begin taking shape in the next two years.
That vision includes a new waterpark, a common space for festivals and events, an expanded live-music venue, and a waterfront promenade lined with stores and restaurants.
The former jewel of the waterfront was closed in 2012.
With a report from CTV Toronto's Natalie Johnson