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Friday, March 4, 2016

Ontario Trails News - OTC Board meets to continue to press for accurate reporting on Bil 100 impacts

Ontario Trails Council Board meets to discuss next steps for trails and Bill 100

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Photo from Tom Friesen
The Ontario Trails Council Board met to discuss Bill 100, damaging media opinion pieces and our next steps.
  • The OTC remains committed to the passing of Bill 100
  • Our members are going to engage their members to work with landowners locally to correct the anxiety caused by misreporting of impacts
  • We gained greater insight into the working relationships some media have with the advocates against Bill 100
  • A Public Bill 100 education plan is being developed.
  • We have invited the Ontario Landowners Association and the Ontario Federation of Agriculture to speak at Trailhead Ontario in Calibogie June 19-21, 2016
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Ontario Trails Council continues to track erroneous landowner reporting on Bill 100

Press Release
For immediate release: Feb 25, 2016                        ontario trails council bilingual logo
Contact:  Patrick Connor, Executive Director
Ontario Trails Council
Ontario Trails Council Continues to Correct Misinformation about Bill 100
The Ontario Trails Council has asked the Ontario Landowners Association to cease or retract misinformation regarding Bill 100, that they continue to circulate through public meeting and the media. We also would ask the media to cease and desist as the information they are provided is being misunderstood.
Several respected groups, the Minister of Tourism Culture and Sport, community organizations involving farmers to hikers, and even MPP Randy Hillier (founder of the Ontario Landowners Association) and our organization, wants the closure of trails to stop. We respect landowners and we want to preserve 50 years of friendly relations amongst us.
Bill 100 only needs some tweaks and clarifications and this can be done by the OLA, and other groups, working through the OTC.
Reports from “The Lanark Era,” have “Randy Hillier Member for Lennox-Addington-Frontenac in Provincial Parliament saying the landowners’ group has misled the public on the benefits and drawbacks of Bill 100, which, in part, would regulate easements on private property.”
The OTC is looking to get additional support for other landowner agreements, recognized in the Bill.
Further MPP Hillier, “stressed that Bill 100, which has made it through first reading and has yet to be debated, is a positive bill for property owners and land users…” “It creates a new legal mechanism that provides greater certainty to trail associations and to private landowners over the use of land,” Hillier explained.
At Ontario Trails Council we are working with Ministry Staff, and through committee, to bring to the Bill changes that will work for trails and landowners. At OTC we are moving forward through communication with the government to secure a positive outcome for all.
Despite published clarifications on the part of the Ontario Trails Council and the government, some people and their media partners continue to do damage to trails. Please review our input and work with us to change the Act for the better.
OTC Press Release
If you have any questions about Bill 100 please contact the Ontario Trails Council, 613-396-3226 or email us at:
We are here to help everybody have a better understanding of trails, trail use and management practice.
Please read our paper on Bill 100 – it's available here -